How to Choose a Good IMG Alt Tag Checker

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How to Choose a Good IMG Alt Tag Checker 1

If images on your web pages have incorrect Alt tags or don’t have Alt texts at all, this will negatively affect your website’s SERP ranking. To avoid this problem, you can either spend a hefty amount of time and effort looking through all the pages or use a next-generation SEO tool alt tag checker from a trusted vendor like Netpeak Software. This article will teach you how to pick an efficient img alt tag checker without wasting money on faulty products, or you may be deceived altogether. 


The Importance of Correct Alt Tags

Relevant Alt texts allow for attracting up to seven times more organic traffic. Although, this will only work if you regularly carry out picture audits. Among the most efficient tools that can help one achieve the mentioned goal, specialists name Netpeak Spider with its comprehensive checking features.

Alt Text Improvement Effect on Topical Relevance

Despite modern search engine algorithms’ ability to accurately detect what’s depicted in a certain image (not always, but often enough) the Alt text is still a better way to convey the picture’s relevance to the page content. For instance, if a search engine defines that there’s a cat in a pic, it will learn that this page is about cats. However, it can’t define a specific cat’s breed. You, in turn, may specify this information in Alt tags. This way, your article gets more relevant and ranks better.

Enhanced User Experience

Alt texts may explain what’s in the image if, for example, one has a low online connection speed and images load too long. Furthermore, those tags are the only way to help visually impaired and blind users get an idea of what is pictured. A screen reader they use can easily capture Alt texts when scanning on-page information.

How to Select a Trustworthy Alt Tag Checker Vendor

Let’s take Netpeak Software as an example. The company offers several subscription plans. This allows website owners with any budget to pick a suitable option. Here are some other aspects to take into account while choosing a trustworthy app vendor:

  • Availability of a free trial. For example, with Netpeak Spider, you can crawl as many as 500 URLs on 200 threads for up to 60 days as a part of the tryout period.
  • Fair cooperation conditions. Credible providers like Netpeak Software offer their clients official electronic agreements with all coworking terms. This includes clear force majeure procedures in case of emergencies, duties and rights of the parties, etc. Such contracts don’t contain ambiguous statements and extra fine font, hiding unfavorable conditions.
  • Well-known brands among clients. Famous enterprises scrutinize their partners and contractors to avoid cooperating with shady firms. Thus, if a widely known enterprise uses a certain IMG Alt tag checker, you can also safely choose this application. For example, Netpeak Software is worth trusting, as many famous brands like Shopify, OLX, and Reuters employ its solutions.

Finally, you may view client feedback about a picked alt-tag checker’s effectiveness. One can find such reviews on corresponding online platforms. Site owners should be attentive, though. Some dodgy vendors pay copywriters to post perfect reviews on their products. So, if one sees too many flawless comments about a certain company, they better move to another website with client references.

Must-have Features of an Alt Tag Checker

How to Choose a Good IMG Alt Tag Checker 2


Experts note the following essential functions of the described software:

  • Counting images on a web page and collecting their Alt attributes. Qualitative checkers perform that by focusing on the IMG tags within the HTML structure.
  • Concentrating on certain web pages to analyze pictures on them with their Alt tags. This function is particularly helpful when scanning a landing page or a site’s section.
  • Discovering errors with threats and descriptions and pointing out ways to fix them. High-quality alt tag checkers like Netpeak Spider offer their users helpful links to guides on fixing each particular error.
  • Providing additional details about pictures. This, for example, implies image source code, a page from which a pic originates, etc.
  • Reports about pictures without Alt tags. Good checkers like Netpeak Spider are able to create report documents in various formats. You may choose the most suitable one for your specific needs.

Lastly, qualitative img alt tag checkers usually have extra features for comprehensive SEO analysis. You may find more details about such functions, e.g., at

Concluding Lines

Conducting alt tag checks is vital for e-commerce websites, news portals, and even small blogs. That’s because such audits allow for discovering errors that affect your site ranking and traffic. Specialists recommend employing specific checkers from reliable providers only. For instance, you may get more info about the mentioned checking apps in the topical blog at the Netpeak Software official website.

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