How To Choose A Great CRM System to Suit Your Business Needs

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How To Choose A Great CRM System to Suit Your Business Needs 1

Having a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system can help your business to efficiently manage all of your client data in one place, as well as help you to manage your sales operations and teamwork management. Deciding on a CRM provider can be a tough choice with most of them having similar features. You would need to look into various aspects, such as your business needs, budget, and ease of use before you commit to a provider. However, this is not something you need to worry about, we put together a list of some things to consider when choosing a great CRM system to suit your business needs. 


What Are The Essentials of Client Service?

There are four key principles to excellent client service. The presence or lack of these principles will highly affect the client experience in dealing with your business. Let’s take a quick look: 

  • Personalized – a personal touch always goes a long way with a new client, if you are willing to go the extra mile and just do something a little differently that makes them feel like a human with needs, you can guarantee a satisfied client. 
  • Competent – there is nothing worse than dealing with a call center staff member who has no clue how to solve your problem, or lacks knowledge of the company’s products/services. 
  • Convenient – clients want to deal with client service representatives quickly and through whichever platform suits them best. A person who works online may prefer email chat or social media chat, whereas a home executive may not mind waiting on a phone call. 
  • Proactive – clients enjoy working with companies that let them know in advance or almost immediately that a problem is about to arise. Keeping people in the loop of things is always a good idea in any relationship, whether personal or business. 

These are the four fundamentals right here, and if you can keep up with these four principles, you will have very happy clients who keep returning and referring. 

5-Step Guide To Choosing Your CRM Software Provider

Using CRM software as your overall control system for your project/business process is a great decision, and you have already come this far. Let’s take a quick look at a five-step guide to choosing the best CRM software provider to meet the needs of your team, clients, and business. 

Understand Your Business Goals and Identify Your Needs

If you have started your search on CRM software, you most likely already have an idea of what you want the CRM to do for your business. This could be a variety of goals, such as tracking sales leads, monitoring sales, tracking client communication, etc. To find the right Client Relationship Management (CRM) software, you will need to set your business objectives and identify what you need the CRM to do for you. Highlight anything important such as client interactions. List any problems you experience that you are hoping CRM software will solve. It can be a great project management system for you. 

Gather Input From Your Team

A good part of staff management is to consult your team members, including sales and client service teams, for their input. They are the ones who deal with client data, fulfill tasks, and maintain client relationships. They can tell you how a CRM can help make their work more efficient with task management and improve sales. Asking for feedback from any potential user is beneficial to your business process and efficiency. Implementing a task management system such as CRM software has a direct influence on your client satisfaction. 

Prepare a List of Essential Features Required

Once you know your company goals and have your team’s feedback, you can finalize your needs. This is a good time to put together a checklist of features that you need in a CRM provider. You may want it to include:

  • monitoring sales activities;
  • contact management;
  • automated marketing;
  • or lead tracking.

When considering your budget, consider price vs features. Check if the features can grow with your company’s needs as you grow, too. Also, consider if the upgrades fit into your budget. 

Decide on the Type of CRM Software to Meet Your Needs

There are four types of CRM software as follows:

  • Operational – supports and enhances client support and your business’ client support base. 
  • Analytical – uses CRM to gather consumer data and analyze it for patterns or trends. 
  • Collaborative  – this type of CRMs main focus is client service, as well as marketing and sales. 
  • Strategic – this CRMs main focus is to maintain your client relationships. 

Deciding on the type of CRM software you require depends greatly on the needs of your team.

Research Providers and Compare Pricing

Now that you have your list of features you require, it’s now time to get stuck on the World Wide Web and do some research! Take a look at the providers and decide on the best one to meet your needs in terms of features/pricing. 

Ask for a live demo session, in a demo the agent shows you how the CRM operates and answers any questions you may have. Don’t forfeit any features that could benefit your business growth over pricing. You can also ask for a free trial so that you can show your team members and see if they will benefit from its features. 

Remember to check out the reviews and get some referrals from other business owners that use CRM software. 

Final Thoughts

Think of a world where all your business processes in terms of client management, task management, project management, etc. are all taken care of on the platform, with ease of access. This is the world you will live in by getting yourself CRM software to meet your business needs, help you improve your client satisfaction, and team efficiency, and ultimately increase your bottom line. We looked at what the essentials of client service are, and we know what CRM software does for a business, it is proven to help you improve your business practices. 

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