How to Choose the Right Virtual Background Software 

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How to Choose the Right Virtual Background Software  1

Nowadays, our online presence is equally as (if not more) important as our real-life vibes. So, even when it comes to video calls, we need to keep it in sync with a virtual background that shouts ‘this is me!’


Say you’re planning to start a Zoom call, but behind you, there is a scene so wild it could rival Coachella. Not exactly what you’re going for, right? Luckily, virtual background software can take you away from your messy kitchen to anywhere you wish, from a calm beach to a professional office space.

Yet, with so many options to choose from, how do you pick the perfect one? 

Understanding Virtual Backgrounds

Before moving further, let’s make sure we are on the same page here. Remember that virtual backgrounds aren’t just for hiding the evidence of last night’s pizza party anymore. They are your way to show your personality or brand without saying a single word. They can 100% add professionalism to your online presence. The only trick is to find the software that doesn’t make you look like you’re glitching through different dimensions.

P.S. If you’re interested not only in making video calls, but also in recording videos with virtual backgrounds, we’re welcoming you to check out this article.

Top 3 Virtual Background Software to Choose From

  • Banuba’s Background Changer API

This tool is a giant in the virtual background world, and here’s what makes it unique:

  • AI-Powered Precision

Banuba’s AI can effortlessly distinguish you from your background with unbelievable accuracy.

  • Variety of Visuals

Whether it’s photos, videos, GIFs, or even immersive 360-degree environments, Banuba can handle them all. Its API is incredibly versatile, allowing you to express your creativity in countless ways and ensuring that your content truly stands out in the crowd of similarity.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

No matter if you’re on a Mac, Windows, or Linux system, Banuba will be with you every step of the way, despite the platform.

  • Bonus Features

Beyond background changes, Banuba offers a plethora of additional features such as 3D masks, virtual try-ons, voice effects, and more. It’s your one-stop shop for enhancing your digital presence.

  1. Mmhmm

Mmhmm’s virtual background feature is perfect for anyone aiming for those sleek, professional, yet fun video backgrounds. Here’s why it’s got everyone buzzing:

  • Dual Background Types: Mmhmm gives you the best of the two worlds. Whether you’re into the calm vibes of a static image or the dynamic energy of a moving scene, Mmhmm has you covered. And its dynamic backgrounds even have those cool settings you can tweak. SImply adjust them to match your unique style perfectly, adding just the right amount of flair.
  • Customization King: Ready to showcase your style? Go ahead and upload your image files—whether it’s a stunning landscape, a charming illustration, or a favorite photo. Keep in mind the recommended dimensions of 1920 x 1080 pixels for that crisp, professional look. Your backgrounds will shine with your personal touch!
  • Appearance Enhancements & Big Hands: If you’re not feeling your best, no worries! You can fine-tune everything from opacity to size, and even play with light, shadow, and contour adjustments to ensure you’re looking your absolute best on screen. Want the perfect angle? You can spin your image too. And if you’re in the mood to express yourself, why not unleash the power of Big Hands? Your hand gestures can become live emojis. Thumbs up, anyone?

3. ManyCam

ManyCam’s virtual background feature is like the cherry on top of your video toolkit, especially for those aiming to add a touch of professionalism or personal flair to their video calls and streams. Let’s dive deeper into what makes this feature so irresistible:

  • Background Blur: There are moments when you want to maintain your real surroundings but dial down the distractions. ManyCam has your back with its background blur feature. By blurring out the background, the spotlight remains firmly on you—ideal for interviews or meetings where minimizing distractions is key to staying focused.
  • Custom Backgrounds: With ManyCam, you have the freedom to upload your own images or videos, allowing you to personalize your space with anything from a company logo to a serene beach scene. Your background, your rules—let your creativity run wild!
  • Easy Switching: Need to switch backgrounds mid-call? No sweat! ManyCam makes it a breeze to transition from a formal business backdrop to a more laid-back setting with just a few clicks. Enjoy seamless transitions guaranteed to impress every time.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right virtual background software is like picking the perfect outfit for a first date: you want to make a statement, show off your personality, and maybe even turn a few heads. So whether you’re picking Banuba, Mmhmm, or ManyCam, go forth and conquer those video calls like a digital boss! 

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