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Have you ever needed to contact someone but you didn’t have their email address? This is definitely super frustrating, especially if you need to contact them about an important matter. Thankfully, though, there are steps you can take to track down someone’s email address, and these can be surprisingly quick and easy ways to get the info you need. To get started, check out the tips below.

Use a People Search Website

There are a lot of people search websites that you can turn to when you want to get some contact information about someone. If you have the person’s full name or their phone number or address, you can type that information into Nuwber, where you can look up details like addresses, phone numbers, police records, property ownership, and more. 

There are many websites that serve as handy databases of information on people, so this gives you the chance to check more than one source if you need to. For example, if you can’t find someone’s email address on one of these types of websites, just try another, as it might have the information that you need.

Check the Person’s Social Media Accounts

If you are able to find an individual’s social media accounts, you might be able to find their email address that way. For example, some professionals who have profiles on LinkedIn will post their email address to allow people to contact them directly. Also, some people will make their email address viewable on platforms like Facebook, so those sites are worth checking during your search as well. Plus, once you find them on social platforms, you can direct message them and just ask them for their email address that way if you’d like.

Type Their Name into a Search Engine

Another way to find someone’s email address is by simply typing their name into a search engine like Google. See what information shows up in the results. You might find that they have a website you can use to contact them directly, or their workplace might have their profile on display and it might have their email address. Plus, you might also be able to use this strategy to more easily locate the person on people search websites, as discussed above.

Use Their Workplace as a Guide

Let’s say that you know where someone works but you don’t have their email address. Well, by looking into the format of the email addresses that are used at that company, you might be able to figure out what the individual’s work email address is. For example, if the format is typically someone’s first initial and last name, you can try that format to get in touch with them at their job. Within that email, you might ask them if they’d like to share their personal email address with you so you can contact them there instead to continue your conversation.

Try Out Different Strategies to See What Works

The bottom line is this: just because you don’t have someone’s email address certainly doesn’t mean that you will not be able to figure out what it is. Between searching online, finding alternative ways of getting in touch with them to ask them for their email address directly, and taking a smart guess, you can find someone’s email address with surprising ease.

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