How to Find Out Which Websites are Blocked in an Area?

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The past few years have seen government crackdowns on the freedom of the internet. While the internet is supposed to be a free and democratic space, those in power feel that bringing in restrictions will help them control the ecosystem. The Pirate Bay has been one of the leading sites that have faced the wrath of lawmakers. In recent years, great initiatives like the pirate bay mirror have made it possible for internet users to gain access to the site. 


Many so-called experts are of the opinion that the site is a haven for dangerous activities. You can download illegal content with ease. They also point out that various scammers and hackers can gain easy access to systems if someone downloads a dangerous file from The Pirate Bay. All these might be concerns that have prompted government officials to ban the site in many countries. 

In this article, we are going to help interested users gain access to the contents of The Pirate Bay in an easy, simple, and completely legal manner. If you are someone who is interested in accessing The Pirate Bay and your ISP is preventing you from doing it, you would be interested in what we have to say. 

What is the platform all about?

First things first. The Pirate Bay is a torrenting site that allows you to download movies, music, tv-series and a host of other interesting content for free. The platform came into existence in 2003 as a freedom internet project by a Swedish think tank called Piratbyran. 

In simple words, it is a file web sharing platform that allows internet users to gain access and download a ton of web resources on audio, video, software, games, and so on. The major intention of a platform like The Pirate Bay was threefold- 

  1. Allow people access to internet content and download from anywhere in the world
  2. The content would help in improving internet freedom and promote democracy
  3. The platform was always intended to offer every piece of content on it for free

You can think of The Pirate Bay as a vast database of content. You can seed content, download it, and upload files that you feel would be helpful to other members of the internet community. 

How can you Access ?

In recent years, governments in countries like the UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, Turkey, China, Brazil, Singapore, and others have blocked the domain. 

Many feel that changing your ISP can help you get access to the site. Or, you can use a VPN service and get access to the platform via a server located in a different country where The Pirate Bay is accessible. 

However, this means paying some money upfront for the VPN. The model works on subscriptions and you might have to shell out somewhere close to $10 every month. This was free before so shelling out any money to gain access seems to be counter-productive!

An easier way to access The Pirate Bay would be to use a mirror site or proxy platform. These websites help you gain access to blocked sites like The Pirate Bay by rearranging the URL structures. The ISP cannot understand the URL for all domains related to The Pirate Bay since so many URLs are not on the block list. 

The pirate bay mirror works when you click on a URL link that has been specified for your country. Once you do that, you gain access to a 100% legal website that you can download all your necessary files. 

The following are the advantages of using a Pirate Bay Mirror- 

  1. Accessing the proxy or mirror site is completely legal and does not attract the attention of the authorities. 
  2. You can gain access to a complete working and functioning site from where you can download any media content you want. 
  3. The ISP provider is not going to block your request at any given point in time or stop the downloading process. 
  4. The download speeds are fast and you will be able to easily save 2 or 3 GB files within a few minutes. 
  5. There are multiple countries from where you can use a pirate bay mirror. You can also reach out to the platform and allow them to guide you. 

The Bottom Line

There was a time not too long ago in history where Torrenting was a major part of our internet activity. In countries where you do not have access to a lot of internet resources, you could use Torrent for education and entertainment purposes. By using a platform like the pirate bay mirror, you can continue downloading and sharing with your friends, content at any time from anywhere without zero costs!

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