How to Fix Corrupted Sheets with the Best Excel Repair Tool

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How to Fix Corrupted Sheets with the Best Excel Repair Tool 1

Are you struggling with opening an Excel sheet? Don’t worry, as you are not alone. Many people have been in similar trouble at least once. However, the good news is that you can now repair corrupted Excel files within minutes.

This guide presents an unmatchable Excel repair tool to help you access your damaged Excel sheet. Read this article to learn more about this software, like potential features, supported files, pricing, and more.

Part 1. Why Are Your Excel Sheets Corrupted?

It is more important to explore the potential reasons associated with Excel file corruption or damage before heading toward fixing this problem with any tool. Below are a few common reasons you should be familiar with.

  • Unexpected System Shutdown: It must have happened to you at least once. This is a leading issue that can corrupt your Excel files, along with other data stored on your operating system.
  • Virus Infections: This is another major problem that affects computers connected to the internet. Many cases have been reported where Excel files were damaged due to virus attacks and malware infections.
  • Drive Corruption: If the hard drive where your sheets are saved is corrupted, your Excel files will likely get damaged. Therefore, always keep a check on your drive’s performance.
  • Power Failure: If the power supplied to your computer is disconnected or fails due to a hardware problem or any other issue, your Excel sheets may get damaged. You can overcome this issue by arranging a power backup for your system.
  • Internet Problem: If you are editing an Excel sheet stored on an online server, there are higher chances that it will get damaged or corrupted. If you want to avoid this issue, make sure you have good internet connectivity.

Part 2. Wondershare Repairit – A Great Excel Repair Tool

If you are looking for a dependable and professional Excel repair utility, try none other than Wondershare Repairit file repair. It is known for fixing all corruption problems associated with your Excel sheets, like unreadable content and unrecognizable format.

This software uses a single process to repair more than one .xlsx file safely and quickly. In addition, it offers native support for Microsoft Office 365 and MS Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

Apart from repairing Excel files, you can also use this software to fix corrupted ZIP, PowerPoint, Word, and PDF files. Moreover, it also assists you in repairing AI, PSB, and PSD files. As far as the compatibility of Repairit File Repair is concerned, both Mac and Windows versions of this Excel file repair tool are available.

Part 3. How to Repair Excel Files with Repairit?

Now, you are a bit familiar with the functions of Wondershare Repairit File Repair. It is time to learn how to use this Excel repair software to make your damaged sheets accessible. Below are a few steps to follow.

Step 1: Download Repairit File Repair on your laptop or computer.

Step 2: Open this tool and enter the “File Repair” tab. You will see it on the left panel.

Step 3: Now, click on the “Document File Repair” option from the main screen, as shown below.

How to Fix Corrupted Sheets with the Best Excel Repair Tool 2

Once you load your corrupted Excel sheets into this software, you will see them all on your screen.

How to Fix Corrupted Sheets with the Best Excel Repair Tool 3

Step 3: Click on the “Repair” button, and Repairit will start fixing your Excel file corruption or damage. It will take a few seconds to complete.

How to Fix Corrupted Sheets with the Best Excel Repair Tool 4

Right after the file repair process is completed, you will see a pop-up notification on your screen.

How to Fix Corrupted Sheets with the Best Excel Repair Tool 5

Step 4: Repairit allows you to preview the Excel file once it is repaired. This feature helps you determine whether or not your file is repaired correctly.

How to Fix Corrupted Sheets with the Best Excel Repair Tool 6

Step 5: If the repaired sheet is okay, do nothing but hit the “Save” button. It will ask you to select a directory on your device and save the repaired Excel file right away.

Part 4. Why Is Repairit a Choice of Millions of People?

If you are seeing an unwanted error while opening your Excel sheet, Repairit will be your best partner to resolve this issue. Similarly, if the information available in your Excel file is distorted, mixed, or unclear, Repairit will help you get out of this issue.

In addition, this software also assists you in repairing Excel sheets with disturbed layouts. Moreover, every file repair you perform with this Excel repair software will be 100% free from viruses.

More Features

The Repairit is not only the tool to fix corrupted Excel files, but you can also fix damages and corruption associated with audio files and sound tracks. Similarly, it gives you the option to fix corrupted pictures and videos. At the same time, it also allows you to repair your damaged emails, like Outlook OST/PST files.

It does not matter whether your audio, files, videos, or photos are damaged due to virus infections, drive failure, power outages, sudden computer shutdowns, or any other similar problem; you can fix it instantly with Wondershare Repairit.

Interestingly, Repairit has also introduced its online version: utilizes the real potential of Artificial Intelligence to fix corrupted files, videos, photos, and audio in a matter of minutes. You can perform a wide range of tasks with this online utility, including but not limited to photo restoration, photo colorization, video repair, photo repair, and file repair.

The reason why thousands of users are in love with Repairit Online is that it is completely safe to use and very easy to access from anywhere on any device. In addition, they find it a cost-effective file repair solution. Therefore, if you are not comfortable with downloading a desktop-based application, give this online facility a try to see how it helps you.

Note: Your online uploads are stored on the server for 24 hours only. Later, they are deleted. This is how your data remains 100% secure.

Tech Specs

How to Fix Corrupted Sheets with the Best Excel Repair Tool 7


In the beginning, you can try using the free trial of Wondershare Repairit File Repair to get familiar with its potential. When it comes to the premium package, it offers three plans for both Windows and Mac, as listed below.

For Windows

  • Monthly License – $29.99
  • Yearly License – $39.99
  • Perpetual License – $59.99

For Mac

  • Monthly License – $39.99
  • Yearly License – $49.99
  • Perpetual License – $69.99

Note: Every paid plan comes with 24/7 free technical support coupled with a 7-day satisfaction guarantee.

Final Words

With the increasing use of Excel spreadsheets, cases of Excel file corruption have also been reported many times. Do you have the same issue, i.e., worried about your corrupted Excel file? Wondershare Repairit is all you need. It is the best Excel repair tool that helps you fix damaged files within minutes.

If you give preference using online applications, the good news is that Repairit File Repair is also available online. This version of Repairit uses AI technology to repair your damaged or corrupted files, photos, and videos.

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