How to fix This TV Isn’t Part of Your Netflix Household

Netflix's move against password sharing caused the "This TV Isn’t Part of Your Netflix Household" error, leaving users frustrated.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Netflix to stop password sharing

In the vast landscape of streaming platforms, Netflix stands out as a behemoth, entertaining millions of people worldwide.  However, a recent update aiming to curb password sharing has left users frustrated, encountering the infamous “This TV Isn’t Part of Your Netflix Household” error. Netflix’s strict action has left users confused and inconvenienced while attempting to watch their favorite content.

In this article titled ‘How to fix This TV Isn’t Part of Your Netflix Household’, we will break down the problem and understand how does Netflix determine household. We will try to elaborate why it happens and offer simple solutions. Whether you are a long-time Netflix user or just starting, knowing how Netflix defines households and fixing the issue is important for a smooth streaming experience.

Netflix Household Conundrum

The “This TV Isn’t Part of Your Netflix Household” error emerges when users attempt to access Netflix from devices located outside the primary household associated with the Netflix account. This is a direct result of Netflix’s effort to crack down on password sharing—an attempt to ensure that users are accessing the service only from their designated primary locations.

Many people are upset about this change, especially if they share Netflix accounts or use the service in different places. The update’s strict enforcement has ousted shared account users and, in some cases, even the main account holders if they are not within their Netflix primary location.

Unraveling the Solutions

1. Verify the TV is part of your Netflix Household

  • Ensure your TV is connected to your home internet router.
  • Navigate to the Netflix home screen and select “Get Help,” then click on “Manage Netflix Household.”
  • Choose “Confirm Netflix Household” or “Update My Netflix Household.”
  • Opt for “Send Email” or “Send Text” and follow the verification prompts in the received email or text.
  • Receive confirmation on your TV screen and in your email. Click “Continue to Netflix” to bypass the household issue.

2. Use the “I’m Traveling” option

  • If you are outside your household, select the “I’m Traveling” option on the error page.
  • Verify through a text or email sent to the associated account.
  • Note: This workaround is temporary and may expire after a few weeks.

3. Make Use of a VPN

  • Route internet traffic through a device at your primary location using a VPN with traffic routing capabilities.
  • Alternatively, activate a VPN for regions where the new policy is not in effect, such as China and France.

4. Use Chromecast

  • Stream Netflix to your TV using Chromecast if you can access Netflix on your PC or smartphone.
  • Utilize an HDMI cable to cast your screen from a laptop to the TV or explore other casting methods.

5. Pay the extra $8

  • Create an additional membership for devices outside your household to bypass the error.
  • Follow prompts to pay and generate an invitation for the new user, allowing access for a fee.
  • Understanding the Netflix Household Policy

Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing is motivated by a desire to limit access to the streaming site strictly to individuals within the primary household. This policy aims to boost the number of paid subscribers, as sharing accounts with those outside the household is no longer permitted.

The new Netflix policy has been happening in the US, UK and Australia for a few months, and it is slowly spreading to other places like India. The primary account household is determined based on the device’s IP address or the network it is connected to.

While this update may pose challenges for users frequently changing locations, a device accessing Netflix from a different location can avoid being locked out if it connects from the primary address at least once every 30 days. Additionally, primary users have the option to grant access to individuals outside the primary location for an extra $8.


People are facing issues watching Netflix because of an error message saying, “This TV Isn’t Part of Your Netflix Household.” It pops up when you are trying to watch Netflix on a device not connected to your main home, and it’s Netflix’s way of making sure users pay for their own accounts rather than sharing passwords.

Here’s how to fix it easily: Firstly, ensure your TV is connected to your home internet, and check your Netflix settings. If you are not at home, choose the “I’m Traveling” option, but keep in mind it might only work temporarily. Another solution is using a VPN to make it seem like you are in your main location. If you have Chromecast, it can help you watch Netflix on your TV. Lastly, for an extra $8, you can create a new account for devices outside your home.

Netflix is implementing these changes to prevent password sharing and ensure everyone has their own account. This rule has been enforced in the US, UK and Australia for some time and is gradually reaching other places like India.

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