How to grow Instagram followers : check-list to set up an account before promotion. 

How to grow Instagram followers : check-list to set up an account before promotion.  1

Wondering about attracting hundreds and thousands of new followers to Instagram, many account owners do not take into account another thing — the degree of readiness of their account to promote and attract new users. 

The coolest strategies fail if you have not prepared your profile correctly so that every follower who comes to it wants to stay here forever.

The most disastrous strategy to grow Instagram followers is to “concoct” a profile in a hurry, add a short description, and a couple of photos, and immediately launch a large—scale advertising campaign. A lot of people spend a lot of money and drain budgets to grow Instagram followers number as possible, without even suspecting why they don’t want to follow an account – and blame anything. Bad advertising, poor blogger work, they are not sure that the bot for free followers Instagram is working  – but not how the Instagram profile account is set up.

Remember: if your business profile looks empty, uninformative, and simply “gray”, no investments in the promotion will give special results. Modern users are very picky in their choice. They need to be surprised and interested. And here a comprehensive approach is required.

How to grow Instagram followers : check-list to set up an account before promotion.  2

Instagram is why we have created a universal website for those who are going to get a lot of followers from Instagram and are ready to prepare an Instagram account to grow followers!

So, before you start attracting followers to Instagram, check:

1. Are the goals of the account and its target audience well defined

First, decide why you need to grow followers. The goals may be different:

  •  Earning money. The more followers, the higher the cost of an advertising publication. For example, having an audience of 100,000 people, a blogger receives about 500-600 dollars a month;
  • Promotion of physical business. Owners of beauty salons, cafés, and restaurants can attract their audience through social networks;
  • Personal brand promotion. This applies to such private specialists as fitness trainers, psychologists, lawyers, etc.

Each account and each type of earnings on an Instagram account has its target audience. It is necessary to think over the design, and content, taking into account the interests of these users, and their interests, and needs. For this reason, be sure to analyze the target audience by answering specific questions: how old are they, where they live, who they work with, and when, and how they use the social network. The answers will help you create the right content and design in the future to gain followers on Instagram for your profile.

Make sure to check the giveaway entry terms. Often they require a retweet, comment or like. Most of my competition wins have been from social media competitions, specifically Twitter. Lots of brands want to promote their services through social media; custom lapel pins, stickers, custom lanyards and other branded products are common giveaway prizes

2. Your account has an analysis of competitors,

There are competitors in literally any business unless you are new to the market. So be prepared for what needs to be done better than others.

When preparing an account for a set of followers, you must first analyze your competitors and understand exactly how they attract their audience. 

Before you start scribbling posts and putting up hashtags, it’s better to look at profiles that are similar in the subject. This will help to assess the audience. Focusing on competitors, you can analyze such aspects as:

How to grow followers on Instagram?

Content that attracts the attention of users;

Frequency of new publications;

Account readers’ reaction to new posts;

The number of views under each new publication;

Methods of interaction with followers.

3. You have a high-quality account 

This is the face of your business or personal brand, so you need to think everything through to the smallest detail.

Creating a memorable and unique nickname

will be a great start for the promotion of the page. The basis can be a first name, last name, or nickname. It should reflect the direction in which you want to develop.


Your account is the basis of your Instagram presence. And if it is well-thought-out, this is the real key to follower growth. You can fill the header of your business profile with the following information: a link to go to a personal blog, website, or channel will attract more views and increase their attendance.

In any case, a competent visual is very important, since it is much easier to attract followers with it.

4. Navigation has been worked out in the account

Well-organized navigation in the Instagram account will provide you with an influx of followers – as it will make it easier for people to find the right publications. This is true for any type of account – both for a blogger, for advertising,, and a commercial account of a physical business. 

You can make creatives with the names of posts directly on the feed, you can organize navigation by hashtags through highlights, you can also make a profile mosaic by what content will be in each line of posts, and so on. 

This is a very popular technique that works great.

5. Your content is cool and engaging

We can talk about this for a very, very long time. High-quality content forces followers to leave likes, write comments, share publications, and of course, follow. Every action on Instagram warms up the algorithm – that is, the system understands that your account is interesting to everyone, and begins to promote it even more actively. This helps to get even more coverage to attract new followers.

Determine the optimal number of posts per day, write down a content plan and follow it. Knowing what you will talk about with your followers, and what thoughts you will share, you can write all the texts for posts in advance, prepare the necessary photos and just post publications at the right time. By the way, it is not necessary to do this manually, because you can use programs for delayed automatic loading of posts.

So everything you post should appeal to the audience. Engage people with entertainment content, inform them about important events and company news, and advertise your products with sales posts. That is, implement the highest quality content strategy.

There is everything you need to generate high-quality content

Before you gain followers on Instagram, you should have everything ready for a content strategy. Once again, go through the main points: photos have been taken, information has been collected, and a plan of posts has been formed. Ready? Then go ahead to collect followers in different ways, which we will describe in more detail below.

How to get Instagram followers for free 

Available ways to generate followers that do not require serious financial investments. 

  •  Ask friends and acquaintances for help

It is quite possible to gain the first follower base at the expense of your environment. Ask your family, friends, and colleagues to tell you about your account and business in their profiles. Even from people with hundreds of followers, the first customers can come to you.

  • Mailing by messengers

This method of promotion is suitable for those who have been working for a long time and have a database of user contacts. Come up with some interesting ways to interest the audience in messengers and motivate people to followto be the first to learn about new products, participate in various promotions, it is more convenient to interact with the brand, and so on.

  • Use hashtags

If the hashtags are spelled out correctly, they will help increase coverage. The post will be published in the recommended ones. Keep in mind that you should not prescribe everything in a row just for the sake of views. Leave such options that directly relate to the topic of the post.

  • Hold a giveaway 

A contest for several sponsors, where users must followto them to participate. Logically, the goal of followers at the same time is to receive a gift, and not to learn more about you. But followers will still start coming, and if the account was properly prepared, they may stay.

After you have the first 10,000 followers, you will need to continue using some or all of the strategies described in this article to continue increasing your account to 100,000 or even more than a million.

Don’t forget to update your profile regularly, especially your Instagram bio, to include new CTA or interesting news. After all, you need to prove yourself more than ever before.

Maybe posting on Instagram three times a day every day of the week is difficult to fit into your schedule, but in the end, all these efforts will pay off. And you will get Instagram followers that you can be proud of.

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