How to Humanize Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot Using Content

By Larry Kim
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How to Humanize Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot Using Content 1

Once you have a super intelligent chatbot that converses with your customers, it’s easy to lose sight of the most important aspect of Messenger Marketing. It’s so much more than just sending messages to your leads. It’s about building connections.  The human connection is an important element to that drives towards conversions. Remember the original reason why you built a bot in the first place: to create a long term bond with your target market.


Customers nowadays want brands that they can learn to trust. This is the reason why it’s important to add a human touch to every campaign or chat blast you send. If you’re on the other end of the line. You wouldn’t want to talk to a bot. You want to understood, heard, and answered by someone you can count on.

As a marketer or even business owner, it’s so easy to focus on one thing: answering questions in real time. However, you should note that in all things there must be a certain balance. And likewise, you should balance great content with a winning messenger marketing chatbot.

As a brand it’s important to encourage your customers to interact with your brand by sharing experiences you create for them. A successful customer engagement strategy results in brand growth as it encourages customer loyalty. A brand that focuses their energy on customer engagement is keen on creating value rather than revenue.

What is customer engagement anyway? It’s about providing people with relevant and meaningful information that goes beyond a simple sales pitch. In order to create a pleasant customer experience, you must have great content that’s interactive and real-time. It may be tough to achieve this balance, but with advanced bot building capabilities, you only have to worry about the content.

So how do you create amazing content? We’re giving you seven tips in integrating good content to you advanced chatbot!


Don’t you just love it when you get messages with your name on it? Doesn’t it feel like it’s meant for you? That’s how you want your customers to feel! In 2017 a study suggests that 70% of retailers prioritize personalization. Why? Because it’s important! Whether you’re sending chat blasts or drip campaigns, the receiver should feel like this content was made for that person alone! P

Personalization is such a huge thing in the digital marketing realm. Netflix, Youtube, Instagram, Amazon and other Social networking giants create algorithms that personalize dashboards based on browsing history. The reason behind this is that every customer is special, which is why we treat them as individual cases instead of calling them in general.

To do this in your message broadcasts to your fans, ALWAYS include their first name. Also include personal data which could help your audience feel like this content is meant for him/her alone!


How to Humanize Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot Using Content 2

Take it from one of the most successful companies of this generation. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos believes that the key to success is to obsess over your customers. According to Bezos, it should be embedded in your company’s culture. Through this you ensure that your customer support team, which is your business’ front liners, shares the same enthusiasm in providing amazing customer experience.

In a study conducted by the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, they found out that 80% of consumers in the US would pay more for a product or services as long as it ensures superior customer experience.

In campaigns and chat blasts, think about how you want to approach your customers and what information is relevant to them. For customer support, you need to make sure that your customer is heard and their questions are answered well.

Your customers place value to your company. They are the ones that determine your revenue so provide exceptional service to all of your customers and potential leads and this will guarantee success.


Every customers only want one thing: that is to be understood. As a brand, it’s important to understand your customers’ needs. This allows you to provide a better service to your customers and leads. This way, consumers can relate to your brand. When implementing this strategy to your brand, your customer service and your campaigns become more effective especially when you choose a persona that resonates with your audience.

Choosing the appropriate persona for your brand may be difficult or easy depending on the type of products or services you provide. For example, it may be easier for FMCG to embody human personas unlike b2b companies which are deemed more conservative. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. To effectively humanize your content, learn how your audience talks.

What language do they use, what do they aspire to be and how can they relate to your content. Through this, you ensure that your content is relatable among your audience.

You can even find a person within your brand that’s passionate about your consumers and your brand. This way, you can get a natural communicator to become the voice of your brand and they can better engage with your audience!


You’re talking to actual humans. This shouldn’t take a toll! On the flipside, you should have fun. Just like when you make friends, you find common things to bond about. This makes your brand more interesting and it attracts more people to your brand. Who knows you could even be viral. Make your leads and consumers warm up to you and by incoprorating light-hearted content to your chat blasts and drip campaigns to make your consumers feel happy to converse with you.

How to Humanize Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot Using Content 3

You can also take this opportunity to use GIFs and emojis to make the conversation feel less formal. MobileMonkey allows you to integrate these types of content into your chatbot in order to make Facebook Messenger Marketing more fun and engaging!

Customer Service doesn’t have to be boring and straightforward. Shatter the monotonous experience by giving a warm welcome or making a lighthearted joke. It’s these little things that make your customers want to come to your brand more often. By making your leads feel welcome you encourage them to take a step further down your funnel!


The internet nowadays castigates offensive jokes. And rightfully so. Jokes should be light enough to draw people in and not offend them. The internet should be a safe space so every possible lead won’t feel alienated in your community. Don’t make the mistake of offending the very people who make your brand.


When sending a chat blast or creating a drip campaign, the first thing you have to ask yourself is, “how is this information useful to my leads.” Educational content used to be unused in the realm of customer engagement. But now that people realize it boosts customer satisfaction, it’s now becoming a key ingredient to engaging with your customers and leads.

A study in Google suggests that 48% of users on mobile buy from companies that provide them with instructional video content. Why? Because it’s relevant, educational and engaging. Push your leads further down your sales funnel by offering useful information instead of senseless sales pitches!

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