How to improve the delivery rate of your emails?

In case if you want to get success in email marketing, then you should definitely look into studying the email delivery rate via email verification service. It is a great way to test how well your plans are working and also your IP reputation as well. In case your IP’s reputation is low enough, then it will lead to communications not being delivered. If your emails do not reach your recipient base, then it may end up being in the spam folder of their mail accounts. Thus, it can lead to frustration and low growth as well.

Therefore, the following tips will help you improve the delivery rates of your email as published by Emailchef, via email marketing:

  • Always make sure that your email links are working: Nowadays, the spam filters of email boxes are getting more and more advanced, day by day. These spam filters scan your emails before proceeding to forward it to your recipient. So, if you have any link in your email, and it leads to unreliable websites, or even contain any kind of errors, then it will decrease the reputation of your IP address. Low reputation of your IP address means it will harder for your emails to reach your recipient.
  • Adding the link to unsubscribe: Adding the unsubscribing link is very important, as, after the implementation of the GDPR, this practice is hated by users. Most email marketers hide the unsubscribe link in order to reduce the number of unsubscriptions, which is definitely not a good idea. If you want to create potential customers via your content, you have to make sure that you also abide by the rules too as well.
  • A text-only version of emails should be created as well: There are many corporate servers which are set up in order to filter out HTML based emails, and therefore you have to have a workaround for that. Creating a only text version of your email will bypass this issue and your email will not be caught in the filter too as well.
  • Never buy a mailing list from a third party: It seems that many email marketers use the easy way out and buy a mailing list from a third-party, without putting the work themselves. This is a serious issue, as the email addresses are not verified or can be quality ones as well. This may lead to huge bounce rates for your emails, and therefore the reputation of your IP address will reduce too as well.
  • Always use long URLs instead of using short ones: Spam filters do not like short links, as most spammers hide their suspicious website links in their shortened URLs. Therefore using shortened URLs may flag your email as spam and reduce your reputation as well. Therefore, always use the full, long URLs – as you will have a much lesser chance of being flagged as spam, and will thus end up in the inbox of the recipient and your hard work and IP reputation will intact as it is.

Written by Mandeep

Mandeep Kaur is working as a Data Scientist in Webtunix Solutions Private Limited. I am very enthusiastic to learn about Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques. I always express my knowledge to beginners who want to start their career as a Data Scientist.

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  1. Very insightful blog on the Do’s and Dont’s of email marketing. As important it is to have great content for a a successful campaign, it is equally critical to have a great quality email list. Using an email validator to verify your leads is one good way of ensuring that you don’t have bounces. Nice blog anyway

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