How to improve video conference experience on Zoom

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How to improve video conference experience on Zoom

Many organizations, particularly those that engage with long-distance customers and colleagues, have counted on video teleconferencing for decades. Anyone in charge of distributed teams or who enforces a remote work culture is likely to be familiar with video conferencing. Almost all firms have switched to this sort of online communication since the outbreak of the pandemic. Don’t worry! If you’ve been fumbling your way through video conversations, entirely puzzled and overloaded by all the settings and features, we’re here to support you. In this article, We’ll concentrate on Zoom video conference , which is a renowned, simple-to-use cloud-based teleconferencing tool. Have a look at the tips that can improve your experience!


Navigation Display in Zoom

Many individuals rely on Zoom’s default capabilities because they’re afraid of messing with the options or don’t have the chance to test. And, to be honest, the default settings are sufficient for the job. However, if you want to improve your online meetings, you should first adjust a few parameters.

  • Enable HD – Enable HD: This enhances the general quality of your video. If you have bad Internet connectivity, though, don’t choose it.
  • Virtual Backdrops – You can choose from a variety of fascinating backgrounds across the internet. However, using such an option might be distracting. If you can’t find an uncluttered location for your video conference; in that instance, a modest virtual backdrop, like an office setting, is OK.
  • Display name – For large group conferences, it’s essential to ensure that everybody’s name is visible. Tick the options that suggest the same. Encourage all attendees to choose this choice, keeping the video call inviting and friendly.

Personal Experience

People believe in presenting the best possible way. The video angles sometimes affect the appearance of the participant. Well, nobody wants to look like a zombie! Improve the virtual appearance with the following tips. 

  • Elevate the screen of your desktop or laptop to the level of the eye. Also, it is suggested to view the camera while speaking.
  • The seamless features are one of the reasons people like Zoom so much. It may appear insignificant, but “touch up my appearance” can beautify the looks of the participant. 
  • Sitting as per the light focus is always suggested to avoid shadows and glares.

Sound Quality

Sound issues are one of the most common complaints in a video call. Multiple people talking at the same time, background noise like barking dogs, neighbors mowing the lawn, or screaming children are all examples of these concerns. However, by following a few simple procedures, you may significantly increase the sound quality of your video connection.

  • There is an advanced button on the Share Screen menu. Select computer sound only. This ensures that everyone hears the best quality possible. 
  • Encourage all attendees to mute their mic before joining the meet. We can set this from the Audio Settings menu. This will make the noise more reasonable, especially if people arrive late. 
  • It’s usually a good idea to use headphones, specifically if they have a built-in microphone. Finally, this ensures that everyone’s sound is clear while also filtering out ambient noise.
  • Most of us deal with various noises from the backdrop. To change this experience, you can select an option under ‘suppress background noise’ by setting it high from auto.
  • Ask participants to use the ‘Raise the Hand’ tool. You may also enable this functionality by pressing the “Alt + Y” 

Screen Sharing features

You can share the screen while on a zoom call. It is used to present, share the documents, sheets, or simply write on a whiteboard. Choose the Advanced tab at the top if you simply want to display a part of the screen or information from a second camera. 

  • The “side-by-side style” is another element of Zoom. This option is available in Share Screen Controls. You’ll notice a grey vertical bar separating the shared document from the user’s video, once activated.
  • To see all the speakers, choose Gallery View. Select Speaker View, to watch the active speaker.
  • The advantage of adopting this option is that you can view the shared document without portions of it being obscured behind the films of the users.

Breakout Rooms

With the breakout room function, Zoom can now divide the conference into smaller units. A wonderful technique to transform huge conference models into smaller and more intimate ones.

With this feature, we can segment a conference into 50 distinctive sessions. We can message each room separately, while they stay in their rooms. We can manually or automatically pull participants to the main session as and when needed.


Zoom is among the most popular cloud-based video calls applications available. The company continues to improve the quality of your video calls by bringing additional settings. It’s a terrific option for addressing your company’s online requirements. Take time to modify those important settings, which will improve the quality of your display and your appearance while also addressing those pesky sound and screen-sharing difficulties.

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