How to leave no trace on the internet when using a VPN?

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How to leave no trace on the internet when using a VPN? 1

The expansion of the internet has opened new ways for us to communicate, trade, search up information and stay in touch with the things happening in the world. However, as time goes by people realize that it is almost impossible to leave no trace on the internet, regardless of their intentions or purpose.

Many people consider the tracking and surveillance methods as an act of privacy invasion

In this article, we will talk about what VPN is and how it can benefit you with having the best and safest internet experience.

What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an essential internet tool that provides the user with high internet security and anonymity. By creating a single-shared-network between the user device and the virtual server selected, it encrypts all of the data that is being sent through it. On top of that, by giving you the option to select from different servers from all around the world VPN successfully hides the real IP address of the user and replaces it with a new, virtual one. This means that the user cannot be tracked or fall under surveillance while being online, which is done by the government, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) or a third-party viewer.

VPN has found a great use in business, as it allows companies to employ remote workers. By using VPN these remote workers can log-in to the company server at any time, via any device and still do their job with ease.

However, the usage of VPN in private matters has been increasing lately. With all the security measures that it has and the freedom it gives people on the internet it is one of the main reasons why more and more people are using VPN each day.

Leave no trace on the internet while using VPN

The issue of data collection by big-tech companies  has been going on for a while. One of the main tracking and surveillance done by websites are via cookies. Cookies on websites are used to collect the data of the visitor, their username, password, website history and download history. These cookies can also reveal the real IP address of the user, which marketers use to adjust advertisements for certain products to fit the narrative of the user.

Many people have wondered if there is a way to leave no trace on the internet and several solutions have popped up. For a short while, people have started using Incognito Mode that browsers offer as it does not save internet history so naturally people thought that this could hide their activity. However, it was not long until people realized that the ISP and the Government are able to track and keep logs of user activity while they are using Incognito Mode. However, leaving no trace on the internet when using VPN has become one of the easiest and safest ways to browse online as years go by.

With the option for the user to choose from different servers around the world, VPN allows you to successfully change the real IP address which will prevent any surveillance and tracking and provide you with an anonymity cloak while you are online. On the other hand, high encryption protocols that VPN providers are offering are the safest way to keep your information intact and protected from cybercriminals.

Some of the main features to look for when subscribing to a VPN

Many different VPN providers will have different offers for their clients. It is up to the client to decide which one of these offers appeals to them the most, and most importantly which one suits their needs the best. Protecting your personal data online is something that should be taken seriously and VPN helps you with that. Some of the main features to look for in a VPN when you want to leave no trace on the internet are:

  • Fast connection speed – VPN providers that offer unlimited bandwidth and multiple servers to choose from will have the best speed. The worst thing that could happen is to connect to a VPN to realize that the speed is slow and throttling because of high encryption protocols.
  • No-log policy – A no-log policy means that the virtual server to which the user is connected will not be keeping any logs of the internet activity. Once the user has successfully disconnected from the server, all of the information and data will be deleted from the server. This is one of the best and safest ways to leave no trace on the internet while using VPN.
  • Multiple device ability – The option to change devices and still use VPN can be quite beneficial to people who are constantly changing their devices or using them for work.
  • The ability to access global content – By using VPN bypassing internet censorship and website blocks are an easy task. Choosing a VPN provider that allows the user to choose from different servers and bypass any online obstacle is crucial.

In case you were ever wondering “Why do I need a VPN to stay safe online?” here is your answer. VPN does not only protect your private data, but it also lets you roam the internet freely and stops any tracking or surveillance that is happening.

With this new technology taking over the world day by day, leaving no trace on the internet is becoming easier. Once you have successfully connected to a virtual server via VPN, all of your data, internet history and download history will be safe from any prying eyes that lurk the open web. Being connected to an open internet is one of the biggest security threats for people online.

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