How To Make A Business Analysis Report

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Business Analysis Report

Business Analytical Reporting has set a pivotal mark in business intelligence compelling companies to formulate their strategies relying on data-driven insights. An analytical report is the use of quantitative and qualitative company data to identify, evaluate, define and summarize the organization’s work processes. With the emerging digital technologies, businesses are leveraging research, statistics and data analytics using powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) tools.


Cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) have altered Big Data management with their voluminous data processing, churning the performance indicators and decision-making for business analytics. A PowerPoint presentation with its stellar graphics, charts, diagrams and timelines providing a visual kick is the perfect platform for you to construct your business analysis report. A fitting template for your PowerPoint analysis report can be harnessed from which hosts a plethora of slide decks with Resume Template, Business, Marketing and Strategy Template and more.

Harnessing an interpretive and intuitive business analytics report in a PowerPoint presentation with striking graphics, superior images, backgrounds and color-schemes will resonate with your stakeholders. Accommodate agendas, company objectives, KPIs, comprehensive SWOT analysis, Risk Assessments, revenue and cost reports all in a PowerPoint presentation deck. Formalize plans, make operational improvements and discover breakthroughs with an in-depth analytics report.

Here are some key points for your perfect business analysis report using PowerPoint:

Presentation Agenda

Commence your business analytics report with the initial slides defining the presentation agendas in brief. Prompting a bird’s eye view about the key topics of the report will give a lucid picture to your audience. Display the chief headers of the subsequent slides and highlight primary factors, fiscal analysis and policy frameworks.

Creative contextualization of data with concise pointers will save your clients from getting lost in a sea of thoughts. Perk up your slide by reinforcing your text with suitable images, symbols, arrows and other strong cues. Choose a powerful background with appropriate colours to grip the audience from the beginning of the presentation. Captivate your audience with a vibrant agenda and lose the risk of losing them.  

Company Objectives

Business analysts and project managers should state the principal objectives of the company or project in the next slide. The organizational, strategic and financial goals, what the company aims to achieve in the near future, its mission and vision, and directional guidelines to operate the project.

Business analysis reports may seem a lot of work to design but they play a vital role in presenting thorough information. Analysis reports with bulky files are dull and mundane whereas a custom PowerPoint presentation makes it more lively and leaves an indelible mark on the minds of the audience. Research, organize and pitch your analytical data with empowering visuals and bold formatting in PowerPoint for enthralling business reports.

Utilize Venn diagrams and shapes like circle, squares, cubes, hexagon and others to build the company’s branding image attractively. Choose bold colors and fonts to

deliver breathtaking visuals. Startups, innovators and marketers can hugely benefit from furnishing compact objectives for client acquisitions. Employ attractive Mission and Vision PowerPoint templates available on to save your precious time.

Review of Financial Performance

When presenting an all-inclusive review of the business’s financial performance it is always imperative to adopt charts, chronological timelines, vertical and horizontal bars, pie diagrams to draw attention to the numbers. Incorporate these stellar graphics by transforming data through Power BI and embed it in your presentation deck.

Present an analysis of annual reports, balance sheet metrics, cash-flow statements, pricing, costs, debts and profit-loss statements in interactive slides. Refrain from offering the statistics in simple bullets and text. Rather, showcase all the financial tables, investment charts and segmented financial analysis through stunning data-driven 3D visuals which are easily comprehensible by the clients.

Analyse Four P’s

The Marketing domain embodies the four P’s as its pillars- Product knowledge, Pricing, Promotion and Place of selling. Investors and stakeholders are more likely to invest in your product if you encompass a slide defining these four Ps objectively. A slide containing this Marketing Mix is a must for a successful business report.

Examine the cost and pricing of the product, ways to promote it, elaborate on its features and identify the target market. Integrate market surveys, supply chains, distribution channels, logistics and promotional tactics in a few slides for your audience. Utilize high-quality images and present the key data in insightful visuals to impress your clients. These four P’s are indispensable for your business analysis report.

Risk Mitigation Plans

Every enterprise has potential business risks while establishing or launching a new product. Your next slides in the business analysis report should incorporate prospective risks and how to mitigate them. Demonstrate the risk consciousness, identification and evaluation through powerful statistics and graphics.

A chart or diagram showing a comprehensive risk assessment and its possible factors should be laid out for your investors. Prepare a single slide portraying the policies of the company to control, report and monitor the risks. Actualize the risk value for your business stakeholders by giving them a strategic framework to avoid any misunderstanding later.

SWOT Analysis

Formulate a slide consisting of a general audit of your business with SWOT analysis which is the foundation of every business analysis report. Select eye-catching animated graphical SWOT templates from SlideModel to present the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your organization or product.

Incorporate beautiful infographics, ‘doughnut’ charts, bar and vertical charts as well as quadrants to pitch your SWOT analysis. With SWOT slide, exhibit the strengths of your brand, the challenges that it has to overcome, leverage opportunities in the market and analysis of the competitors. Craft strategic plans for your company by presenting an exhaustive SWOT analysis in your business report.

Company’s Structural Evaluation

The next slide of your business report should entail a holistic assessment, evaluation and presentation of your company’s assets, management, work-force and departments. Headline the divisions, employee capabilities and general working of your organization to highlight your core advantages.

Infuse the slide deck with operational procedures, strategies, challenges, and services offered by your company. Visualize techniques to boost productivity and maximize profit gains. Present an overview of the company culture, competitive merits, products and blueprint of plans. Incorporate the losses suffered by the brand and proactive measures to overcome them. Give your audience a chance to believe in your company.

Executive Summary

Finish off your presentation with a slide consisting of all the critical points mentioned in the previous slides. Provide a quick synopsis of the business analysis report in a few pointers. Synthesize the overall data and conclude by prioritizing the main segments of the report.

Summarize goals, project reports, display timelines and give your clients a concrete picture of your business report. Summary slides are significant as they hold the key to decision-making by the stakeholders. Add insightful data, recommendations and solutions for a more clear comprehension of the report.

Business analysis reports may seem a lot of work to design but they play a vital role in presenting thorough information. Analysis reports with bulky files are dull and mundane whereas a PowerPoint presentation makes it more lively and leaves an indelible mark on the minds of the audience. Research, organize and pitch your analytical data with empowering visuals and bold formatting in PowerPoint for enthralling business reports.

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