How to Pick the Right CMMS Software For Your Business

By Sony T
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How to Pick the Right CMMS Software For Your Business 1

How to Pick the Right CMMS Software For Your Business


With technology leading the World, the old-fashioned way of working has become redundant. Big or small, most organizations have today shifted to a more automated and technologically advanced method of operations. CMMS is one of the top used software in the business world. It is designed to automate processes and enhance the maintenance procedures of an organization. The CMMS also works as an asset maintenance management software, thus taking care of every asset and ensuring the smooth working of the entire unit.

First, let us see the advantages of a CMMS system.

  1. The computerized maintenance management system helps in Unifying the company data related to every asset, both tangible and intangible.
  2. To optimize the use of resources, the CMMS helps in automating workflows and procedures.
  3. It enables the production managers to realistically track the existing work orders and calculate the time and money required for the completion of each order. Further, it streamlines the work orders as per the first in and first out policy.
  4. A right CMMS will also help the maintenance managers monitor the exact inventory present across all their locations and thus take purchase order decisions.
  5.  Another essential advantage of a CMMS is that it enables the organization to comply with government regulations and compliances. 
  6. To enable faster and accurate decision making, the CMMS provides relevant data, based on which priorities can be set and necessary amendments can be made on time.
  7. If you are troubled by repeated downtime and want to understand the reason then, CMMS can help you. While, Idle time is caused due to maintenance activity, unplanned downtime is difficult to identify. A CMMS can identify the health of assets, resolve the issue, and reduce downtime in the future by almost 80%.

While CMMS comes with all the above-listed benefits, yet for an organization selecting the right CMMS is very crucial. Today there are 100’s of vendors who provide CMMS software and choosing the right one for your business could be overwhelming. A CMMS that works well for a travel company might not be apt for the hotel industry, thus picking the appropriate CMMS that would suit your business needs, will determine the success of the software implementation. Also, one must know how to use the CMMS to the advantage of the business, thus let’s see how you can make the most of a CMMS.

  1. Provide extensive training on the software

Create a Core team with all the leaders in your organization, train them on the CMMS and make sure that they are well-equipped to use it and prepare their subordinates on how to run their departments with the maintenance software. It would be best to ask your CMMS provider to give this training since he knows the software in and out. By the end of the session, each of the leaders must have understood the importance of incorporating the CMMS in their work processes, and each one should create a plan on how they would use the technology and achieve the set goal.

  1. Ensure the software becomes a part of daily operations.

Now that the training is done, the leaders must be encouraged to immediately train their teams and shift their existing workflow into the CMMS. Without the proper implementation of the CMMS, the investment is not of any value. The current data must be immediately integrated with the CMMS so that every activity, be it creating work orders or designing a maintenance schedule, can be mapped through the software.

  1. Plan the implementation in stages

Implementing a new software overnight is not possible. Therefore, a proper plan must be created to identify the areas that need to be prioritized for the CMMS implementation. Further, attach a timeline to every activity and declare the completion of the task, so that the progress is known to the entire organization. CMMS runs on data; thus, this is also when you can collect as much data available and meticulously enter it in the software so that the work in the future becomes easy.

The Final Word:

CMMS can work wonders for you, only if you work with you correctly. Therefore by doing the right things in the beginning, you can make the best use of the CMMS and lead your organization to success.

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