How To Plan A Social Media Strategy Using AI

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How To Plan A Social Media Strategy Using AI 1

AI is taking over almost anything today, so why should you neglect it while planning your social media strategy? You are probably thinking that there will be a long learning curve, but instead, it can make your work 10x easier. Wondering how? That brings us here today – and we will tell you how to plan a social media strategy using AI.


Why should you use AI for your social media strategy?

Here’s why you should use AI in your social media strategy: 

  • Get a better understanding of your audience

AI can analyze huge amounts of data which, in reality, is impossible for humans to do within a couple of minutes. Yeah, I can track social interactions, cross channel, identify the topics that are more relevant to your niche, and suggest you better content ideas that would align more with your audience.

  • Target your audience better with ads

When it comes to advertising, your dollars can go to waste if you’re not targeting the right audience. But with AI, there are no such scopes to make this mistake because AI algorithms can process huge amounts of data and help derive insights about your audience including your audience behavior, demographics, preferences and interests. With all these insights, you can design highly personalized ads that would rightly cater to your ideal audience.

  • Create personalized content for your ICP

One size does not fit all when it comes to your social media strategy but creating personalized content can take up a huge chunk of your time. That’s why once you get the insights about your ideal audience, you can use an AI tool to get suggestions about personalized content that appeals to your target audience, resulting in better scopes of lead scoring

Step by Step Guide To Plan A Social Media Strategy Using AI

When you are planning a social media strategy using AI, follow these steps to speed up your process:

  1. Keep your goals and objectives clear

On social media, everyone doesn’t come with the same goal. While for some the goal can be to drive brand awareness, some might want to stick only to conversion and audience engagement. Whatever your goal is, it’s important to get clarity on that before you start planning your social media strategy. 

Here’s how you can set the right goals for your social media strategy:

  • Your goals should be measurable

Before you decide your goals, make sure there’s a way to measure them. For example, if your goal is to increase your brand awareness by 30% your focus KPIs would be metrics like reach, no. of. followers, impressions and more. Also it is important to ensure that your social media efforts are aligning with your overall business and marketing goal. 

Once the above steps are done, make sure the objectives you are setting for your social media strategy are easily achievable and realistic and you have the resources to meet these goals. 

  1. Choose the Right AI Tools

Start by researching each AI tool for its specific features and how they will align with your social media goals and objectives. Let’s say, your goal is to increase your followers or subscribers, then you need to look for tools that can suggest trending content ideas which you can capitalize on. 

But make sure you check the interface and the navigation features of your AI tool. If the tool is too complex to use, your team might need additional training or resources to use it or they won’t be ready to use it regularly. 

  1. Do a Competitive Analysis 

Start by collecting data on your competitor’s social media activities, which can be the types of content they post, their posting frequency, any notable campaigns they have run, engagement rates and more. 

Once you have the data, input it into your AI tool and ask it to do an analysis of your competitor’s content strategy. Your tool can then help identify patterns in their content that are resonating with the audience such as specific formats or messaging or themes that can be particularly effective for your strategy as well.

If you want to go more in depth, give your AI tool the prompts regarding how your competitors handle call to actions, and how they engage with their audience in comments.

There are also many competitor analysis tools like Hootsuite which you can use to save significant time doing the research manually. But there are only five competitor analysis features like “Overview “, “Post Performance”, “Post-type Performance”, “Trending Hashtags”, “Post Length” offered by Hootsuite which might not cater to every requirement of yours. In that case, you can always go for Hootsuite alternatives that not only offer more features but also saves you from the pocket pinch.

Once you’re done with all the research and analysis, it’s time to identify gaps in your competitor’s strategy that you can use to your advantage. Your AI tool can help you identify these gaps such as engagement practices that they aren’t using yet or maybe some latest trend that they have not leveraged till now.

  1. Ideate Content Suggestions

Use your AI tools to generate a list of topics that are relevant to your audience and align with your brand. For example, if you are in the fitness industry, your AI tool can suggest topics like “ top 10 home workouts” or “healthy meal prep ideas”. Apart from that you can also give prompts to your tool for suggesting you trending topics in the industry.

Once you’re done researching the topics, you can then go ahead and ask your AI tool to suggest creative formats to present your posts that would cater to your target audience. While some fitness trainers can stick to blog posts and articles, others can get on Reels or YouTube videos to cater more to their audience.

If you want to go ahead with interactive content, you can also ask your AI tool to suggest ideas for quizzes, interactive videos, polls, and other formats that would engage your audience. For example, a beauty brand might use quizzes to help customers determine their skin type of the best products for them.

  1. Create your Social Media Strategy 

Now that you have all the information and insights you need from your AI tool, it’s time to create your social media strategy. 

First, start by deciding your content type and format. You have probably got a lot of suggestions from your AI tool regarding this but it’s up to you and your team to decide which format you majorly want to target. Is it a blog, is it a static image, or is it a video? 

Once you have decided this, start by identifying your key themes and topics. Maybe you have five different themes on which you want to create social media content around – it’s time to jot them down in your journal, or your digital planner. 

Now that you know your key themes, go ahead and decide the topics you want to cover under each theme. No, these aren’t your post titles, these are just an overview of the topics you would like to cover in that particular theme. Later, when you will design the content calendar, you can research content ideas based on these topics and decide your final titles. 


Now that we have told you how to plan a social media strategy using AI, you can now implement this guide and start planning an incredible strategy for your social media. 

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