How to Prepare for Salesforce Interview? Tips and Tricks for Beginners

By Vinod Kumar Tanem
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How to Prepare for Salesforce Interview? Tips and Tricks for Beginners 1

Crack the Salesforce interview with subject knowledge. After all, it is one of the most sought-after certifications for an extended career in cloud configuration and product development.


In this article, you will learn in-depth knowledge of how to prepare for a salesforce interview.

Let’s get started

  1. Introduction to Salesforce
  2. Introduction Salesforce Admin
  3. Choose a Career in Configuration Management
  4. How to Prepare for Salesforce Admin interview
  5. How to Prepare for Salesforce Developer Interview
  6. Finally, Be a Hard Nut

Introduction to Salesforce

Salesforce development is also a hot career. The average base salary of a Salesforce Developer is five lacs per annum, according to Glassdoor. Chill, dudes chill! The Salesforce economy is on an upward spiral in India, with the prospect of creating 1.9 million jobs by 2024.

Figure 1 Salesforce developer salaries.

Introduction Salesforce Admin

This is the time for a salesforce admin mock test as Salesforce is a much sought-after platform for customer service by many industries. Those who have used the CRM platform have immensely benefited from this, as per the report provided by International Data Corporation that is into market intelligence research.

How to Prepare for Salesforce Interview? Tips and Tricks for Beginners 2

Image Source: Figure 2 IDC data on CRM usage globally

Choose a Career in Configuration Management

We know well the global demand for CRM in general and Salesforce in particular. What is more important is not just a desktop feature, but its collaboration on Clouds. For that, Salesforce needs to implement, configure, and manage on cloud platforms to enable 24/7 service by the providers to its users.

Admin career aspirants like you should get a combination of lectures, exercises, and practical training on various administration and configuration scenarios. Cool, you need hands-on knowledge through Salesforce training online.

IT career seekers have high regard for Salesforce, and they search for salesforce admin exam questions deleting custom fields. As the search is intense, they should get relevant information on salesforce admin interview questions.

How to Prepare for Salesforce Interview? Tips and Tricks for Beginners 3

1. How to Prepare for Salesforce Admin Interview

The interviewer will surely ask about your knowledge in cloud computing, especially in categories like PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS. As your central role is about configuring, you should have clear ideas on collaboration clouds. Brace up for the same.

Cloud collaboration: The interviewers will not leave you just like that. They will dig deep into collaboration or enhance it. Don’t panic. Tell the board about the importance of working as a team and teamwork’s advantages by using Salesforce Chatter and silence them.

Reports: Their next question may be on providing insights with the help of reports. They are trying to gauge your knowledge of Cloud Analytics. Here is the best answer for you. You should tell them about the importance of reports, to be specific, custom reports based on enterprise-wide data. Inform them about the advantage of cloud-based services in tracking and generating reports through integrated Cloud Analytics. Ensure they won’t swoon at your answer. Smile at times; it will be like smites on their face.

Still, they may not be showing outwardly that they are defeated. Yeah, you have demonstrated your subject knowledge. They are relenting, but they want to test you more with a question – the critical difference between the private and public cloud. Yeah, this is the time you should show your equanimity by displaying confidence. Raise the talk, not voice, some motivational speakers often tell us.

Check out these Top Salesforce interview questions to crack the Salesforce job interview easily.

Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud: You need to know the difference between the two. Every company needs to share hardware, storage, and network devices for its workers. Inform them the private cloud is for your organization’s private network, only for its team; in contrast, the public cloud is for customers who want to access information, multi-tenant implementation offering self-service.

Layout: They will ask for page layout and workflow. Of course, the questions are not easy. You need to have sound theoretical knowledge at this point. Only good Salesforce trainers can impart such knowledge. Herein lies the importance of choosing the best e-learning knowledge partner. Be choosy about the certification provider who has an excellent network of resources to provide seamless online training.

Tell the board about the importance of buttons, fields, custom links, s-control, Visualforce on the object record pages that talk about the last recharge amount, expiry date, etc. Tell how users can choose the subsets in the layout like a customer, partner, and self-service.

Workflow: To save time, it is vital to automate processes with the if/then statement. If stands for criteria and then stands for action to set a workflow criterion. Continue your talk on time-dependent workflow.

2. How to Prepare for Salesforce Developer Interview

To crack developer interviews, you need to know low code tools like Process Builder, Experience Builder, Flow Builder, App Builder. Learn app development using pro-code tools, no-code, and low-code tools. You will get a firm understanding only with training in Salesforce development.

Sandbox: They will surely ask you about sandbox and different types of a sandbox, the differences between programmatic and declarative development, and options for deploying from Sandbox to production. Since Sandbox is the testing ground for coding, it is important to talk about Sandbox’s capacity to store data.

Workflow: Automating functions like creating a new task, sending email alerts, field updates, sending outbound messages are important elements in a workflow. Prepare for the same.

Field Bucket: The use of Field Bucket is to categorize records. They will ask you to use the Field Bucket.

S-Controls and Visualforce: Many will ask the key differences between the two: S-Control is a widget in the Salesforce platform. Visualforce supersedes it as the new markup language. Use this information for the interview.

Lightning component: Developers need to have an understanding on Lightning developments to develop components.

Brace yourself for technical questions like – what is SOQL and its use. They will also grill you by asking for three types of object relationships in Salesforce. You should also know the role, profile, and differences.

Finally, Be a Hard Nut

Don’t compromise if you are a beginner. Demand 3.5 lacs per annum and periodic revisions if you are into Admin and five lacs for developers role. Yeah, the interview is all about bargaining during the interview itself. Most probably, the interviewer might have jotted on your resume ‘a hard nut to crack’ about you. Yeah, in the dog-eat-dog world, we all must prove our worth and be worthy of a good package. Isn’t it?

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