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YouTube shorts

YouTube since September 2020 has introduced a new feature called YouTube shorts. The YouTube Shorts is similar to the reels feature of Instagram. Anyone who is well versed in using a smartphone can create a video that is under 60 seconds. Such a video is classified as a short video. Users can record a Short video using the YouTube Shorts Tab or their standard camera. A YouTube Short can be created by users on their phone camera and edit the same with design tools. Such videos tend to get more views rather than unedited raw footage. 


When the feature of YouTube Shorts was initially published, it was kept available only to certain users of the YouTube app.

Now, almost anyone can shoot, edit and produce a short video in less than a few minutes. When it comes to making shorts, portrait videos are preferred over landscape videos. 

It is necessary to keep in mind that YouTube still includes other kinds of content, which comes into play when users have to tie their short videos to their other videos. The key is that they cannot change their domain at a whim. With changing domains, they may end up confusing their followers. Hence users shouldn’t be overburdened. 

Once users have figured out how to use, and create shorts, the process of making views rain is just a question of time. 

Now let’s look at effective methods on how to promote YouTube shorts. 

View References

In the last half-decade, viewers have become particular in following specific content creators. Therefore creators need to interact more with other YouTube content creators and gain more subscribers. Such creators need to ensure that they are supplying their subscribers with quality content expected of them, or else they may switch to other channels.

Creating Shorts alongside Regular videos

On YouTube, when creators post videos, subscribers are the first to watch videos. These can either be Shorts or normal long-format videos. Since creators have a devoted base of fans, due to the quality of the videos that have been created and how they align with the interests of the viewers. Content creators need to produce videos with the interests of the subscribers in mind, which will eventually lead to more engagement and a larger chance of getting featured in the Shorts section. Creators need to repurpose their videos to ensure that it is consistent with the image of themselves they are branding. 

Time Limit 

The Shorts camera is an Instagram built-in feature, allowing the creator to shoot a video of up to 15 seconds in a single take. Keeping these factors in mind, the key’s videos are 15 seconds or fewer. This occurs because viewers may not be interested in the content created for the entire 60 seconds and may skip it in the middle of the video. Following this, the YouTube algorithm regards it as “not-so-good” material. Instead of wasting time editing a video, it’s easier and more productive to film one for 15 seconds and upload it straight. 

Proper Video Editing

As the name suggests, the duration of Shorts is ‘short”. Users need to keep the subscriber interested and focused through the length of the video. It’s best to use external software to edit videos and ensure that they impress the audience.

Redirecting Traffic

Aside from creating playlists, the only methods accessible to content makers to avoid the algorithm are end screens and cards. Creators need to examine how they want to use these tools to keep people coming to their channel. 

Creating Playlists

It is necessary for creators to classify and group similar content in a playlist; so that viewers are interested in a specific subject and they can add videos to the playlist. This reduces the bounce rate or chances of them moving on to videos created and published on other channels. 

Choosing and Establishing a Domain

Creators need to know which niche they need to focus on if they want to improve their marketing plan and get more YouTube views. They have to discover a unique manner to provide facts about their subject of interest. It is important that they are speaking about the topic in detail. 

In an effort to summarise, the above-mentioned ideas on how to promote YouTube shorts can be an excellent idea for small and new channels to grow their fan base, and increase the number of subscribers with minimum effort. With YouTube shorts, recording and editing videos will take a few minutes through which the potential for a consistent income is massive. 

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