How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac for Free [Proven Methods]

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How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac for Free [Proven Methods] 1

Using a Mac for your daily tasks is quite convenient. You don’t need to switch to other gadgets. Everything is on your computer whenever you need it. But it often happens that you accidentally delete the necessary app when you need it the most. How can you recover deleted trash files on Mac for free? This is the question of this article.


By deleting the app or file, you don’t lose it. You hide it so that the content can be recovered later in case you need it again. But it still requires time to get the app or file back on track. When you delete the app, you have to get it back to work fast. And it is the time when you start looking for free data recovery software for Mac to make it a cheap solution. There are some working methods to recover deleted files on Mac for free. And we are going to discuss them right now.

How to Recover Deleted Apps for Free: Mac Edition

It’s always a good idea to find some free ways to recover deleted files from recycle bin. In some cases, it may take more time to get your apps back. But most of the time you will need little effort to manage the task. It is a manageable thing even for complete beginners. Here are some of the most effective ways. If you want to learn more ways to recover deleted files on Mac, you should read up to the end of the article. Let’s see how you can cope with the issue at ease with some basic methods.

  • You should always start with the Trash folder. If you delete the file or app, it will be sent to the trash folder. The process of recovering the app from the Trash bin is easy. The system will give you the necessary text tips to recover the item.
  • Second off, you can try the Disk Drill for Mac. It is the perfect software for recovering files. You don’t need to use some complicated methods. Everything is pretty simple from the first try. You can choose a paid plan, but there is also a free version of the app.
  • Don’t forget about the Undo option. If you use the Undo feature, you can recover the file or app at ease. But it works in those cases when you realize instantly that you deleted the app.
  • You may try a TestDisk for Mac. It is another recovery tool for your files. It is completely free that’s great for most users. What’s also great is that the tool supports most files, so you don’t need to look for alternatives. But you should remember that the tool isn’t easy to manage. You should have some advanced skills in computing to run the app on your own.
  • Other backup apps focus on recovery processes. If you have a proven method, you should try it. There’s a great tip for beginners. You should look for an easy-to-use recovery tool with a simple interface. Otherwise, you will be lost in the features of the app.

There’s nothing complicated in the recovery process. Your main task is to choose the method and start from the easiest one. If it doesn’t work, you can move to the more advanced options. One way or another, you will find a way to get your app back. You don’t need to pay for the recovery tools. There are lots of free ways you can go to get the app back to your computer.

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