How to Redeem a Gift Card on Your Microsoft Account

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How to Redeem a Gift Card on Your Microsoft Account 1

In today’s digital age, gift cards have seamlessly transitioned into a universally recognized mode of transaction. Microsoft offers a wide spectrum of gift cards that are exceptionally user-friendly to redeem. These cards serve as gateways to a boundless sphere of digital riches, granting entry to a vast array of digital content, exclusive subscriptions and even niche items that transcend the boundaries of Microsoft’s online marketplace.


Some users may find the gift card redemption process a bit puzzling. But fear not! This comprehensive guide titled ‘How to Redeem a Gift Card on Your Microsoft Account’ is here to simplify the process of Microsoft code redeem on your account with clear step-by-step instructions.

Why Microsoft Code Redeem Important?

Before we get involved into the intricate details, let us briefly recap why you might want to redeem a Microsoft gift card:

Microsoft gift cards offer a versatile digital wallet, enabling users to purchase a wide range of content from the Microsoft online store, spanning apps, games, movies, music and more. Additionally, redeeming specific app or game codes seamlessly integrates them into your digital library, facilitating convenient downloading and installation. Some gift cards also grant access to premium subscription services like Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass, enriching the digital experience with exclusive content and benefits.

Understanding the 25-Character Code

To begin the process of redeeming a gift card, you will require a 25-character code. This code serves as your gateway to a realm of digital opportunities. Typically, it can be located on the rear side of your physical gift card or within the digital receipt if you made an online purchase. Safeguarding this code is crucial, akin to protecting a physical wallet, to ensure a secure and hassle-free redemption experience.

Method 1: Redeeming Through the Microsoft Store

Redeeming your Microsoft gift card is remarkably straightforward through the Microsoft Store. Begin by signing into your Microsoft account using your email, phone number or Skype ID. Afterward, launch the Microsoft Store, accessible by either clicking on the Microsoft Store icon located in your Taskbar or simply by searching for “Microsoft Store” in the Windows search bar.

Depending on your operating system, if you are using Windows 11, you should select your profile icon. For Windows 10 users, click on the three dots next to your profile icon. Within the store, you will find an option to “Redeem Code or Gift Cards.” Click on this option.

A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to enter the 25-character code from your gift card. Take care to type in the code accurately, checking for any typos, and thereafter click “Next.” Once you have successfully entered the code, the process will be complete and your Microsoft Redeem Code or card balance will be updated.

Method 2: Redeeming Through Your Xbox One Console

For gamers who are passionate about their Xbox One console, the process of redeeming a Microsoft gift card on this platform is refreshingly uncomplicated. To begin, make sure your Xbox console is connected to the internet and that you are logged into your Microsoft account. Then, visit the Microsoft Store from the Xbox dashboard. On the left-hand side, you will spot an option named “Redeem.” Once you have chosen this option, a dialogue box will emerge, inviting you to meticulously input your 25-character code for precise redemption.

After submitting the code and clicking “OK,” your gift card or code will be effectively redeemed on your Xbox One console. This enables you to effortlessly acquire games, content or subscriptions, enhancing your gaming experience to its fullest potential.

Method 3: Redeeming Through Microsoft Account Online

Should you seek an alternative approach for redeeming your gift card, particularly if you are not utilizing the Microsoft Store app or if your current device lacks this app, you can effortlessly achieve this online via your Microsoft account. Here’s the process:

Begin by opening your web browser and visiting the Microsoft Redeem page. You will be prompted here to log in using your Microsoft account credentials. Sign in with your email and password. Locate the designated text box where you can input the 25-character code from your gift card. Ensure precise entry of the code and double-check for accuracy. After entering the code, proceed by clicking the “Next” button. You will thereafter be asked to confirm that the product has been added to your account. To complete the redemption process, click “Confirm.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let us answer some common questions and queries regarding Microsoft code redeem:

Q1. What if the code is damaged or not readable?

When you encounter a damaged or unreadable code, it becomes essential to address the issue promptly. If you have a physical card with a compromised code, consider returning it to the store where you originally acquired it and explain the situation to seek a resolution. In the case of a gift card, reach out to the generous giver and provide them with details about the problem you have encountered. Their assistance might prove invaluable in securing a replacement code to resolve the issue at hand.

Q2. What if the region or country of the code doesn’t match your account?

Mismatched regions or countries can pose a challenge when redeeming a gift card. If you have purchased a Microsoft gift card for a different region or country, you may find it difficult to redeem it. In such cases, it is advisable to contact the store or retailer where you obtained the card for further guidance. If the gift card was a gift from someone in a different region, you can ask them to log into their Microsoft account, go to “Order History,” and cancel the item. They can then resend the code to you using the correct region or country that matches your account.

Q3. What if the code couldn’t be found?

If you receive an error indicating the code can’t be found, don’t worry. It could be due to damage or accidental alterations. Double-check for accuracy and remember that certain characters like A, E, I, O, U are typically not included in the code.

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