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How to save your smartphone data

Do you often get those texts from your carrier informing you that you’ve almost used up your mobile data allotment? Are you fed up with these and blame yourself for too much browsing? Do you significantly recall those days when you could get unlimited data for a limited value of money? If your answer to all these questions was a big YES, then you have come to the best place.

Stop blaming yourself. Let me give you a few pointers on how you could save your mobile data.

  • Set down on how much data you need – Make a decision on which data scheme given by the carrier is suitable. Now, don’t just say a value. Open up your mobile data usage record. (Most Android phones have it in the Settings app). Check your usage for the last 3 – 4 months. Then select your plan that will give you data slightly more than your usage.
  • Set data limits and alerts – Most of us don’t even know this. Each of our android smartphone has a data manager clock. You can set the data limit for each day in this setting and the smartphone will automatically notify you that you have finished your daily data limit. And if you don’t find any data manager, you can download one from your store. There are a 1000 apps to choose from for your liking.
  • Adjust your system settings – Look in your phone for locations that is using your data. Turn off your automatic update of apps from Store. You can manually download them when you need. Turn off update to Cloud to manual setting. Unnecessary syncing may sometimes use a lot of data.
  • Use Wi-Fi whenever it is available – A lot of public locations now serve as a Wi-Fi hotspot like the major railway stations and airports and even some shopping malls. Try to access these without using your cell-phone data. While some may need an extra bit of you accepting their terms and conditions, you can save a few of our data for the long run of the entire month.
  • Limit background data – Background data is one of the biggest drains on your data allotment, and you might not even realize how and when it is happening. Go into the settings for individual apps and turn off “background app refresh.” This stops unnecessary apps from keeping their feeds up to date even when you’re not looking at them and do not need them.
  • Save offline rather than repeated streaming – Binging on streaming music and videos is fastest way of using your smartphone data. For music, save your favourite songs and albums offline. If you stream a lot of YouTube videos, consider using YouTube Red. It costs only 10$ a month and you can get free offline services.
  • Take advantage of preloading and caching – Many apps like Maps allow you to download data on Wi-Fi. You can view it at any time. Head into the settings menu of any app (especially streaming-media apps), to see if the option is available. Also, Google Maps now allows you to cache maps. It may need a lot of storage space, but once downloaded you need your data connection to find a location.
  • Minimize browser data usage – Do you know that your browser has a setting called ‘Data Saver’? Browsers like Chrome have facilities like this which allows you to open a large desktop site into a small mobile friendly version that does not use much data to open up.

Hopefully, you can save a lot of data now. Enjoy your savings with lease!!!


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