How to See Who Viewed your Facebook profile Recently?

By Sunil Sonkar
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How to See Who Viewed your Facebook profile Recently? 1

In today’s digital age filled with technology and our natural curiosity, it is normal for us to wonder about something. The question that invariably emerges in many minds is that whether we can truly unveil the identities of those secretly observing our Facebook profiles? Let us learn more about this interesting topic, check out different ways to understand it better and explore the world of Facebook profile views. In this article titled ‘How to see who viewed your facebook profile recently?’, we will try to explain how to see who viewed your Facebook profile.


Facebook’s Historical Policy

Facebook has always been following a policy of not revealing who views your profile. They have consistently stated, “Facebook doesn’t let people track who views their profile. Third-party apps also can’t provide this functionality.” They even encourage users to report apps that claim otherwise. However, things have started to change and Facebook is slowly evolving its stance on profile view tracking.

iOS Method

Lately, in 2023, the social platform has introduced a feature that allows you to see who has been visiting your profile. However, it is made available only on the iOS devices. Here is how to access it:

• Open the Facebook App on your iPhone.
• Access the main drop-down menu.
• Go to “Privacy Shortcuts.”
• Click on “Who viewed my profile.”

Here you will find a list of the people who have been checking your profile. It is learned Facebook may soon come up with the same feature for Android users.

Desktop Method

Another approach is to find the curious people Google Chrome or any other desktop browser. Below are the steps to follow:

• Log in to your Facebook account.
• Access your Profile Page by clicking your name in the upper corner.
• Right-click anywhere on the page.
• Choose “View Page Source” or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + U (or Command + F on Mac).
• In the newly unveiled page brimming with HTML text and code, initiate a search with Ctrl + F (or Command + F on Mac).
• Paste the provided codes into the search bar.

Upon pasting the codes, you will find a series of numbers and each is followed by “-2.” Disregard the “-2” and select a 15-digit number to copy. Next, paste it into your browser’s address bar in this format: ID here). Lastly, press enter and you will uncover the identity of the person who frequents your profile.

Browser Extension Experiment

There is an intriguing aspect to this quest. Several Google Chrome extensions state their ability to unveil your Facebook profile visitors. While their credibility is not assured, but it could be worthwhile to experiment with them. Among these extensions are “The Social Profile” and “Super Viewer for Facebook,” which may provide some glimpses into your profile’s activity.

If the previous methods don’t work as desired, there is a clever trick that can be used to discover who is curious about your profile. You can visit websites like Grabify, which create sneaky links. Share an interesting link on your Facebook page and if someone clicks on it, you will come to know. Just follow the simple instructions on the Grabify website.

Understanding Facebook’s Policies

Let us break down why Facebook doesn’t want us to see who looks at our profiles. The social giant cares a lot about keeping our info safe and ensuring that everyone feels secure. If they allowed us to see who is checking our profiles, it could create issues like stalking and harassment. So, their goal is to protect us and make sure Facebook stays a safe space.

Psychology of Profile Views

What drives our intense desire to uncover our profile visitors? Curiosity is a simple aspect of human nature. We always look for to know who finds our lives intriguing, who admires our photos and who might harbor a hidden fondness. It is like an online version of our fundamental human need for acknowledgment and connection.

Evolution of Social Media

The impact of social media platforms such as Facebook has been nothing short of revolutionary. These have altered the very essence of how we connect and divulge our life stories. These platforms have seamlessly woven into the fabric of our identities, serving as an extended virtual version of ourselves. The intrigue lies in comprehending the individuals who engage with our digital personas.

Respecting Boundaries

While it can be intriguing to discover who is checking out your profile, it is essential to prioritize respecting the privacy and boundaries of others. Remember, not everyone wants their online activities to be closely examined and being overly transparent can occasionally create awkward or uncomfortable situations. It is important to strike a balance between curiosity and respecting the personal space of others in the online world.


In our technology-driven age, the allure of uncovering who has been peering at our Facebook profiles is undeniable. Facebook has taken a step towards change in 2023, introducing a feature for iOS users to explore profile viewers, with Android compatibility on the horizon. Savvy desktop users can delve into page source code for hints of profile visits. Google Chrome extensions offer a glimpse, albeit with uncertain reliability. For the bold, crafting enticing links via sites like Grabify can yield insights. Yet, amidst our curiosity, we must remember Facebook’s commitment to privacy and security. Human nature fuels our quest for recognition and connection, a concept magnified by platforms like Facebook. Throughout this digital journey, respect for personal boundaries and the balance between curiosity and privacy remain paramount, fostering a safer online world.

In this article titled ‘How to see who viewed your facebook profile recently?’, we tried to guide how to know who is secretly viewing your profile on Facebook.

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