How to Swap Cardano (ADA) to Bitcoin (BTC)

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How to Swap Cardano (ADA) to Bitcoin (BTC) 1

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors often find themselves exploring the dynamic world of Crypto World, seeking opportunities to optimize their portfolios. One such endeavor involves the strategic swapping, a process that requires careful consideration.

In this article, we dive deeper into swapping two prominent coins in the blockchain space. We’ll take you through the steps of how to convert Cardano to Bitcoin and find a convenient ADA to BTC converter.

Whether you’re an investor eyeing portfolio diversification or a trader looking for liquidity, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the “how to swap ADA to BTC,” “what are these coins,” and “why people exchange them”.


What is Cardano (ADA)?

Before we delve into the guide telling how to convert Cardano to Bitcoin, let’s learn some more information about both cryptocurrencies.

Cardano (ADA) is a decentralized platform that aims to provide a secure and scalable infrastructure for the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications. ADA plays a crucial role in facilitating transactions and taking part in the project’s mechanism.

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin needs no introduction, being the pioneer of cryptocurrencies. It is a decentralized digital currency that allows P2P transactions without intermediaries. This coin is known for its limited supply, security, and widespread adoption.

Why Do Users Swap ADA for BTC?

Before we get to the instruction of how to change ADA to BTC itself, we’ll discover the reason behind crypto enthusiasts’ intention to do so.

Swapping ADA for BTC may be driven by various reasons. Investors might seek exposure to Bitcoin’s stability and long-term value as a store of wealth. Additionally, traders may prefer BTC for its liquidity and market dominance, making it an attractive option for portfolio diversification.

Where to Swap ADA for BTC?

Several cryptocurrency exchanges support the swapping of ADA to BTC. Popular platforms like Binance and Coinbase offer trading pairs for ADA/BTC. However, you also might like SimpleSwap instant crypto exchange as this service provides an intuitive interface and security for a seamless user experience.

How to Swap ADA to BTC: Swapping Guide

Ready to find out how to transfer ADA to BTC? These are few easy steps on how to exchange ADA to BTC coins via SimpleSwap:

  1. Choose the crypto pair

Pick ADA in the “You send” section. Next, enter the amount of ADA you would like to exchange. Then choose Bitcoin in the “You get” section. Click “Exchange”.

  1. Add the address of a recipient

Now you need to enter the recipient’s Bitcoin address. Your BTC coins will be sent to this address right after the exchange. Create an exchange.

  1. Send the deposit

In order to proceed the efficient and reliable swap, the deposit is required. On the exchange page, you will see the address to send the indicated amount of BTC to continue your swap.

  1. Receive cryptocurrencies

Once we get your deposit, we will convert it, which might take a while. We will then send the Bitcoin to the wallet address you provided for receiving it.

Easy as that! 4 quick steps and you are an owner of a crypto you want.

How the Exchange (Swap) Process Looks Like

This is a visual example of the process (the pictures contain the BTC-ETH pair, but it applies to any crypto you want — for instance, in order to buy Cardano with Bitcoin):

How to Swap Cardano (ADA) to Bitcoin (BTC) 2
How to Swap Cardano (ADA) to Bitcoin (BTC) 3
How to Swap Cardano (ADA) to Bitcoin (BTC) 4

Benefits of Swapping ADA to BTC

  • Portfolio Diversification:

Swapping ADA for BTC enables investors to diversify their portfolios, leveraging the stability and historical performance of BTC.

  • Liquidity:

BTC is known for its high liquidity. It makes it easier for traders to buy or sell large amounts without harshly impacting the market price.

  • Market Dominance:

BTC market dominance and recognition as a leader make it a preferred choice for those seeking a long-term investment.

The Bottom Line

Swapping ADA to BTC might be a strategic move for people looking to capitalize on Bitcoin’s stability and market dominance. By choosing a reliable exchange like SimpleSwap, following a systematic swapping guide, and taking into account the benefits of holding BTC, users can navigate the process with confidence.

Notice: always do your own research before buying/selling or exchanging crypto.


Have more questions? Find the most common ones in this section.

How much time does it take to swap cryptocurrencies?

It does not take long usually — from 5 to 60 minutes. Especially if you are using SimpleSwap crypto exchange. There are rare occasions when more time is needed.

How many cryptocurrencies are available on SimpleSwap?

There is a wide range of more than 1500 assets available for exchange — both popular and rare ones.

Is SimpleSwap a secure service?

It definitely is. SimpleSwap does not store crypto — we send it right to the wallet address you provide. There’s also no need to create a personal account, you can swap anonymously.

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