How to take a matter to customer support and get the right result

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Nobody likes it when a company makes an error that goes against them. While we are all perfectly aware that these things happen – both technology and humans are fallible – it’s reasonable to be a bit put out when things don’t go as they should. The most important thing to keep in mind from this point on, though, is what it will take to get the matter sorted out.


Some people will wade in with their anger on show, framing their complaint as an accusation, trashing the company and the representative they’re speaking to, and will only stop being angry when they’ve been compensated. This isn’t the best way to handle such an issue – either tactically or morally – and this is why it’s beneficial to have a more nuanced plan of action. If one of these betting websites not on Gamstop makes an error and you’ve been left short, breathe in and remember it’s just a mistake. And then follow the tips below.

Check the Terms and Conditions

If you’ve been on the wrong end of a mistake, you’ll know it, but you still need to check the terms and conditions on the site you’re playing at. Find the relevant passage so you can quote it to the people dealing with your issue. What was supposed to happen, what did happen, and where is the difference between the two? This information will be important.

If you can, take screenshots of the issue

While it can be hard to take documentary evidence of something not happening, it will be useful if you can show with screenshots where the issue has arisen. If you’ve made a deposit which should have been followed by a bonus credit, for example, show where the deposit has been made, and show your betting dashboard with the credit not on it.

Contact the business

Most usually, Live Chat will be the first point of contact with the company you’re dealing with. Armed with the information from the above point, set out why you’re raising the issue and what you think should happen next. Keep it to the basic facts: you may well be irritated and the mistake may well be hard to justify, but you want the issue remedied and any necessary refunds or adjustments made. Any extraneous information just delays that outcome.

Has that helped?

Most mistakes made by online casinos and sportsbooks are remedied on the first contact. Something has failed in the usually automated process that controls these things. All it needs is for someone to manually adjust the issue. If it hasn’t worked, though, it may need to be raised to a general complaint, which may involve emailing the company. It’s often useful to see if there is an independent body which helps consumers to get these issues sorted. As a last resort, you may need to contact the body that gave the casino their license. They can operate as a mediator; give them all the information you’ve collated,

Though it can be tough, remember to keep a cool head through all of this. Not least of all because the people empowered to help you will be a lot more inclined to jump through hoops to help you if you haven’t spent valuable time berating them for a mistake they almost certainly didn’t make themselves. At the same time, make clear that you’re not going to let the issue drop – if you’re entitled to a refund, you shouldn’t accept not getting one.

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