How To Take Advantage Of Big Data Analytics On Social Media?

Marketing techniques have changed in myriad of ways. Though we retain and cherish the old tricks from the playbook, we still look forward for the new ones. This is not just because of the technology that we are using, it is also because of the people who are using it. Today, the influence of social media on people is incontrovertible, everyone has a facebook, twitter or Instagram accounts. The addictive usage of these platforms gives marketing a new chance and a better shot at reaching more people at a time.

Big Data Analytics is being used in many fields, healthcare, industrial, Internet of Things, financial, resource management are just a few to name. What Big Data Analytics or Predictive Analytics is good at is how useful those insights can be to marketing teams. The team will know exactly their target audience mindsets and they can fine tune the advertisements according to those insights.

There are many platforms which give you a free trial run of Big Data Analytics and there are many open source platforms. Today, it is not that difficult to change your digital marketing strategies much, you can easily rethink and change, and you can even predict the effect of particular add campaign!

The next question is how to we take advantage of Big Data Analytics on Social Media?

Make sure your ad campaigns are timed right. Think of the impact you can have on your company’s profit if you can time the ads to the right occasion. You give them an offer when they need it. That is so far the best digital marketing strategy. For this you can gladly take the help of Big Data Analytics and make it happen.

Right content to the Right audience. This is also very important. You have to see who your audience are, group them by age groups, similarity in taste, or location. Then customize your advertisements for that group only. This can help leaps and bounds in ROI (Return on Investment). With Big Data market analysis, you can easily segregate your audience into groups of your choice and with a social media page manager like Hoot Suite you can run your posts and ads.

The main thing in digital marketing is to know people, and to understand what they need and when they need it. If your company can make sure to introduce the product when the customer absolutely need it, your company already earned a buyer. This is very difficult to do, however with predictive analysis and Machine Learning and Big Data on the rise, it won’t be much of a problem to do an extensive market survey.

Social Media is an information hub, you can learn anything about your customers in there and the best part is you are not stealing their information or nagging them until they give it to you. It is right there, and it is yours if you know how to structure the data and draw informative insights from that.



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