How to uncover any unknown phone number with online resources

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How to uncover any unknown phone number with online resources 1

For many reasons, often we want to know who certain numbers belong to, but that can be solved with a call, a message and even writing on WhatsApp.


Simple, right? Well, not so much when it comes to those numbers that are hidden by the operator, which do not appear before answering and having had a telephone conversation. But using the following applications, you can easily uncover unknown numbers and who their owner is. Here we are going to share with you several alternatives.

Thanks to them, you will be able to know who has been calling you, discover which operator it comes from, and even the pertinent geolocation information.

We have reviewed the best of the Play Store and websites, so we wanted to bring you a list that would serve you completely, but above all, with effective results and without much effort. Check out our top apps to uncover unknown numbers and their owners.

CallApp: Caller ID and Recorder:

Yes, believe it or not, with this application it is a fact that you can discover the number that the sender has hidden, but in addition, you will also know who it is. CallApp is a powerful and very effective application that will help you with this task since it provides you with an intuitive and super elegant interface to work with. Every time someone calls you and has the hidden number, the app will be able to unblock it and show you the real contact on your screen easily.

Also, CallApp has a range of tools. If the number does not appear in your contact list, you have the option to search for it online. The application enters sites like Facebook to be able to find the profile linked to it and offer you the identification photograph.

As if that was not enough, you will be able to define white lists, obtain a more competitive voicemail tray, as well as take advantage of the number blocker, perfect for preventing someone from calling you.

Caller ID and Number Locator:

But if you are not satisfied with the results from the app mentioned above, you may need other applications to uncover unknown numbers. Caller ID is installed on your device to be able to access all the calls you receive. When someone does it by blocking a number through the operator settings, this app goes into action to uncover it. It will offer you the exact number, as well as its area code so you can know which country it is targeting you from.

In addition, Caller ID also provides you with a series of precise coordinates from the exact place where it was made. This way you will be able to know from which country in the world they have been ringing you and be able to find scammers and criminals.

Clever Dialer – spam caller ID:

We think it’s worth getting to know Clever Dialer, an incredible application with which you can start managing all your calls and discover those that are without identification.

Although, a disadvantage that you do not find in the previous applications that were mentioned above, is that it is not capable of telling you those private senders. In other words, to give you the respective information, you must have the contact added to the smartphone’s system.

But after that, the app is just wonderful. It is one of the most complete that you find in the store and above all functional. In the event that the person who is playing a prank on you or extorting money is within your circle of friends or family, you can capture them red-handed, since they will not even know that you have this function activated. Apart from that, it contains a blocker for unknown numbers by default, as well as one for spam calls from the internet.

Identification Number:

On some smartphones, especially those with an older Android operating system, you often get a message notifying you that you have a missed call or unanswered voicemail.

All good until you see that the number is not identified, even though you may have it written down in your contact list. With this application, you will save yourself the task of having to copy and paste it into your contact search function, because it will quickly identify it for you.

And it is great that Number Identification works with the permissions of the system to be able to access several applications and determine when a number is without any identification. Thus, it will be able to show you a contact book with its respective photograph and the name that you have previously provided. But we note that this application works only with your address book, so it does not search the internet or go through mobile directories.

Call Control:

Call Control is very similar to the previous one, but it has an automatic blocker when it comes to spam calls or frequent fraudsters and scammers. The application works thanks to the information of users like you, who provide data on spam numbers, those of annoying services, and even those sellers of offers and coupons that you do not want to buy from. From there, all calls will be forwarded, saving you the hassle of hanging up.

Who is calling:

This option stands out among the applications to uncover hidden numbers for its ease of use. And it allows you to create your blacklists, but you must first identify what the numbers are that are calling you.

That is why the app provides you with an intelligent search engine so that you can determine who is bothering you. It also has a list of spam calls and others reported as annoying by users.


Last but not least – PhoneHistory is a great tool that offers comprehensive reverse phone lookup services to track down any contact number and offer complete caller information.

Using any of these tools that provide you security is very important in these difficult times. Do not allow anyone to manipulate you in any way, let alone use calls as a means of communication.

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