How to Use an Online Whiteboard to Boost Team Collaboration

By Srikanth
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How to Use an Online Whiteboard to Boost Team Collaboration 1

Online whiteboards have become an invaluable tool for teams looking to collaborate visually on projects and ideas. Whiteboards like Miro and Microsoft Whiteboard provide an open canvas for teams to sketch out ideas, brainstorm concepts, and iterate on content in real-time. Choosing the right online whiteboard platform can greatly improve team alignment, productivity, and engagement.


Compare Top Options

When evaluating top online whiteboard tools, there are several options.

Miro provides a visual workspace to support use cases across departments, with advanced security features and an intuitive interface that delights users, and many organizations find greater value in consolidating into Miro’s all-in-one visual collaboration platform. You can read more over at this Miro vs Microsoft whiteboard comparison.

Key Benefits of Using an Online Whiteboard

There are several key reasons why teams should use online whiteboards as part of their collaboration stack:

  • Align distributed teams: With participants able to co-create content in real-time, online whiteboards keep everyone on the same page and aligned.
  • Facilitate remote meetings: Interactive whiteboards make virtual meetings more engaging and productive, with visuals to drive discussion.
  • iterate ideas rapidly: Easily add and rearrange content on an infinite canvas to quickly evolve concepts.
  • Improve project management: Visually map out plans, track progress, and assign tasks on shared whiteboards.
  • Gather feedback efficiently: Annotate, comment and vote on whiteboards to collect input from stakeholders.
  • Enhance brainstorms: Capture ideas, stickies and mind maps to unlock team creativity and problem-solving.

Best Practices for Effective Whiteboard Collaboration

To maximize the impact of online whiteboards for your team, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Provide whiteboard templates for meetings and projects so teams can hit the ground running.
  • Train team members on basic whiteboard skills – how to navigate the canvas, add shapes, drop in content, use sticky notes, and more.
  • Designate a whiteboard facilitator for meetings to guide the discussion and take notes.
  • Set expectations for how the whiteboard will be used before, during, and after meetings.
  • Develop a standard system for organizing content on whiteboards, using sections, colors and fonts consistently.
  • Store key whiteboards in an easily accessible, central repository so they remain visible.
  • Review and recap whiteboard sessions to ensure all ideas and action items are captured.

Integrating Whiteboards into Team Workflows

To fully realize the benefits of online whiteboards, it’s important to integrate them into team workflows before, during, and after collaboration sessions:

  • Prepare whiteboards in advance of meetings and send them out to attendees to align on topics.
  • Use whiteboards continuously to track ongoing workstreams and project progress.
  • Connect whiteboards to other tools like chat, docs, and calendars to centralize teamwork.
  • Develop playbooks of whiteboard templates tailored to recurring meetings and processes.
  • Embed or link to relevant whiteboards within communication channels.
  • Export and share snapshots of whiteboards to drive follow-up actions.
  • Build a searchable whiteboard library to access and reuse for future work.

Online whiteboards have become the modern flipchart for distributed teams looking to align, ideate, and make decisions together. With versatile tools like Miro leading the way, integrating an intuitive whiteboard platform into your team workflow is a simple yet powerful way to boost collaboration.

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