How To use ChatGPT for free

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How To use ChatGPT for free

ChatGPT is the dominant AI chat bot which is owned by Open AI. This is new age language model which is quickly taking the world by storm in the internet. Due to its insane capabilities and recently passing Law bar exams, Google’s coding challenges and also cracking school exams with ease, this has become relief for sore eyes in few months.


The Popularity of ChatGPT

Chat GPT, the Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, is a groundbreaking AI language model that has taken the world by storm since its release by OpenAI in late 2022. Its impressive capabilities have made it a subject of much discussion and admiration among users, and it has even been touted as a potential competitor to Google’s bard.

Since its introduction, Chat GPT has garnered immense popularity and has been making headlines for its remarkable achievements. It has demonstrated its prowess by passing the law bar exam, mastering Google’s coding test, and even generating homework assignments for students.

The model’s exceptional performance has left many users in awe, and it is not difficult to see why. Chat GPT is a relatively new AI language model, yet it has already established itself as a powerful and versatile tool that is sure to shape the future of language processing and generation.

Is ChatGPT a free platform

As of now, apart from USA where there is an option of ChatGPT plus, all countries can use this insanely popular and the most used AI language model for free. But for Open AI it cost 3 million to maintain this platform every month. Apart from the server maintenance, which is becoming a challenge for them, as in various times of the day, people do experience server down issues, there is regulations and monitoring against use of offensive language. As these things do come at a hefty cost to maintain, people do expect that in the coming months it will roll out a paid plan to maintain its quality. As of now owing to its huge prompt tackling abilities, Microsoft to have partnered with Open AI to have Chat GPT like model to have for their Bing and Edge browser.

ChatGPT most common issue as free platform

Recently, many users who have attempted to use ChatGPT have received an “at capacity” notification when attempting to access the site. This may be due to the rise in unofficial paid applications that have flooded app stores and duped thousands of users into paying for a service that is available for free.

Given the high cost associated with operating ChatGPT, it appears that OpenAI has limited access to the site when its servers reach capacity. While the wait time can be as long as several hours, those who remain patient can eventually gain access.

Among the issues that ChatGPT is currently facing, this limitation on access is the most significant obstacle preventing more users from using the service. Due to the high demand, ChatGPT has had to undergo maintenance and be taken offline for several hours’ multiple times over the past few months.

The drawbacks of ChatGPT for free

Although Chat GPT is a very popular AI language bot tool, it has certain limitations that users must be aware of. OpenAI has cautioned that the tool may generate “incorrect or nonsensical answers,” so it is advisable to double-check the responses for any misleading information.

Occasionally, the model may also generate partial and damaging content, but this drawback has not been witnessed yet.

Lastly, it is crucial to note that Chat GPT’s knowledge base is limited to events and data before 2021, as the model’s training data only goes up until that year. This limitation is anticipated to be resolved in forthcoming versions of the tool.

To sum up using Chat GPT, all you need to know is quite simple. The AI model is incredibly user-friendly, and the main obstacle is OpenAI’s capacity error.

Recently, OpenAI announced a paid subscription service for Chat GPT, called Chat GPT Plus, which costs $20 per month. Subscribers will receive exclusive benefits that free members won’t. Additionally, with ChatGPT now available on Bing, it’s just a matter of time before we see ChatGPT and OpenAI’s other technologies integrated into applications like PowerPoint and Word.

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