How to Use Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS) on Blogger

Blogger has released free SSL Certificate (https) for the Custom Domains. From now on, you may easily get the free SSL certificate straight from Blogger. Earlier, Blogger supported only SSL for the Blogspot sub-domains,

so if we ever want to use the secure https for blogger custom domain we need to purchase this from the SSL providers from now on Google’s Blogger is providing the SSL certificate for the custom domains as well. So, what are you waiting for? Let us check out some of its benefits & how you can allow it and make the Blogger blog secure. Before making use of the Free SSL certificate on blog, we should know what is SSL & how it can benefit us.

What’s SSL Certificate?

SSL or Secure Socket Layer ensures complete security of the website with the user. We generally do online transactions, and fill personal information in the desired forms and we send our private information to web servers. Thus, we want the secure connection to protect this data and here SSL certificate really matters. By the SSL certificate, the HTTPS establishes encrypted connection between the web server & user so third person cannot access any particular information.

Why Shifting To HTTPS is Highly Recommended?

You should know that Google actually gives a boost to rank of websites that are HTTPS enabled. However, surely Google can increase effect of such “boost” and, even slight boost in the SERP is necessary to overcome the competitors.

Benefits of Utilizing SSL Certificate on Sites

Before beginning implementation measures, you need to understand several benefits of working with a free SSL certificate (HTTPS) on an internet site.

  1. Your site is going to be marked as procured in the eyes of search engines.
  2. SSL certification enables a secure link between the blog and visitors.
  3. Free SSL Certificate from Cloudflare guarantees quicker blog Due to CDN.
  4. SSL Certificate, aka HTTPS, is a standing sign today.
  5. The site appears more professional.
Some Disadvantages:
  1. You have to re-submit the site to Google Search Console. Google will index your webpages but begin from scratch.
  2. After the successful execution of HTTPS, do not rollback in case you do. Then Google will deindex your blog.

Keep These Points in your mind before you start enabling SSL :

  • During this process, suppose you make any mistake, your blog will go down. Thus, make changes on the time when there are no or few people watching your blog.
  • You’ll need to remove all widgets hosted or attached to the non-SSL hosts since they will not work.
  • Your traffic will get down for some days till Google indexes your URLs with right HTTPS.

How to Enable the FREE SSL Certificate HTTPS for the Blogger Custom Domain?

The basic SSL certificate generally costs around $10 per year but Blogger offers the free SSL to all the Blogger users. Doesn’t matter if the blog is hosted at Blogspot sub domain or custom domain

Note: The feature is in the testing mode (or beta version) and will be soon live at the Dashboard however you can further check and enable this through Blogger in the Draft. What you have to do:

  • Sign into Blogger in Draft
  • Now, Select the blog where you want to enable HTTPS.
  • Go on Settings then Basic and HTTPS Settings.

In HTTPS, select YES.

  • It can take a little time to enable the SSL or HTTPS on blog. Thus, wait for some time and let HTTPS redirect option get ready for enabling.
  • SSL or HTTPS redirect can help you to get the HTTP traffic redirect on your secured HTTPS server, thus do not forget to wait and enable this.

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