How to use Google calendar for virtual meetings?

How to use Google calendar for virtual meetings

Some things that you assume will be simple turn out to be quite complicated. Google is fully aware of this, which is why it launched a fresh new Google Calendar, along with a slew of useful features.

A few capabilities in the latest Google Calendar aren’t brand new, but they have undergone some changes. Other aspects you might not even be aware of exists too. Your Google Calendar comes with your Gmail address, and you can’t disprove how easy it is to use and arrange. However, if you work for a company that utilizes its own Google Calendar, you’ll need to figure out how to combine your calendar with your official meeting schedules. In this article, we will focus on how to use google calendar for virtual meetings?

Google Calendar

It is a potential planning and time management tool. Make appointments, keep track of daily tasks, and more. Time management tools work best for people who need to organize and simplify their schedules. When setting up a remote meeting, arrange Google Hangout calls can be with a single click. 

Apart from business use, it can be used for non-work-related planning, too. For instance, if someone is planning a wedding, keeping personal calendar aids in scheduling vendor meetings and tracking payments for the event. If you’d like to see all upcoming events on your Google calendar, you can type “what’s my Google calendar” or “what is google calendar”. 

Significance of Google Calendar for business

  • Google Calendar’s unique feature works as a way for users to keep track of important dates and events. 
  • It contains many enhanced functions to make the app relevant to the general user rather than just office employees. 
  • It also comes with time management features and scheduling tools. It helps to simplify an individual’s otherwise chaotic schedule. 
  • To sync your Google Calendar with other Android devices, navigate to “Settings” and scroll down to the “Import & Export” section.
  • As part of Google Calendar’s collaboration features, you can also see your colleagues’ calendars. On the left side, you will find an option to “add a calendar”.
  • Adding a calendar of other’s will require permissions. If accepted, you get full access to your colleagues’ schedules.

Google’s virtual meetings

All of Google’s apps have progressed with continual updates, including Google Calendar. Following that, they introduced an RSVP option for Calendar invitations. Upon accepting a meeting invitation, you’ll see a drop-down menu. You can choose to attend physically or virtually using the menu. Having a view of who attends and what they will do is beneficial to both parties. It will be apparent from the icons beside the names of people who clicked “Yes” to include virtual or physical attendance. 

The door will be half-open if you choose “Yes, in a meeting room”, and the video camera icon will appear if you choose “Yes, joining virtually.” The new RSVP interfaces are exclusive to Google and not shared with other platforms and calendar methods, such as Microsoft Outlook. It will show up in Google Calendar for now and will be available in Gmail soon.

Creating a virtual meeting

  • You can easily create and add attendees to your event. On a computer, phone, or tablet, click open Google Calendar. 
  • Then click on “Add conferencing” under “Event.” Next, select Google Meet. 
  • Enter the time and date, event name, and additional information to create a more specific invitation. 
  • Once you invite the participants, their responses will reveal whether they attend or not. 
  • Virtual conferences are now also offered as a new feature. 

What next? Embed this feature onto your website!

By embedding a calendar on your website, you will be able to schedule meetings with potential clients that value ease and productivity. Business owners who are too busy to manually schedule appointments will find this helpful. Learn how you can embed your calendar on your website:

  • Open the Gear menu and select Settings
  • On the left-hand side, click on Settings for my calendars and select a calendar to embed
  • Navigate to the Integrate calendar section
  • Copy the code in Embed code
  • Copy and paste the code where you would like it to appear on your website
  • Save the webpage before you leave it

Using Google Calendar can help you better manage your workload, processes, and time. With this calendar, be it birthdays or international meetings, you can do it better than other calendars on the market. In particular, the paper kind. Google Calendar is an excellent tool if you’re trying to enhance your team or daily routine. Explore a variety of features that can help you gain more benefits from a Google Calendar. While you sort on virtual meetings, look forward to exploring what ways this tool can serve you?

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