How to use Google space hybrid workspace

How to use Google space hybrid workspace

People are looking for strategies that will make hybrid work more fair and effective. In early April, Google will start its own transition to hybrid work. It seems like a time of hope for innovative ways of cooperating and the possibility that hybrid models will take over as the sustainable standard. When properly implemented, a hybrid model gives staff members the freedom to work from any location and still brings them together in an intentional way to maximize the benefits of in-person collaboration.

Using Google Space Hybrid Workspace

As Google Meet includes new hybrid team-specific features, you can collaborate from wherever you are working even if you are in a different time zone. Check out the features of Google Meet given below.

  • Make Use of Companion Mode – Hybrid meetings often give the impression that two separate meetings are taking place: one in the office and one online. You can participate in meetings at work using your personal device in companion mode while still using the audio and video equipment in the actual meeting space. Every in-office participant can raise their hand for a question, send chat messages, and participate in polls in companion mode.
  • Include Your Location to Meeting Invites – You can specify in your response to a meeting invitation whether you would be joining virtually or in person from the office conference room. Presenters can arrange the meeting so that everyone can participate equally by knowing where attendees are.
  • Launch a Google Jamboard – A Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that enables collaborative live brainstorming. It is a fantastic tool for hybrid collaboration and it allows you to launch it in Google Meet directly.

Benefits of Using Google Space Hybrid Workspace

Have a look at the benefits of using Google Space Hybrid Workspace right below.

Make Meetings More Impulsive

Casual meetings were always a great way to meet people and learn about subjects that might not be covered in formal meetings. Google introduces Google Meet calling to Workspace to help facilitate these spontaneous connections between teammates when they are not in the same office.

In addition to more structured, scheduled video meetings, Google Meet calling offers a seamless way for one or more participants to start a video or audio call. Google Meet calling has been made available in all of Workspace’s natural call-in locations, such as people cards, chats, and spaces, but it would first be available for one-on-one conversations conducted through the Gmail mobile app.

Make Meetings More Hybrid Friendly

Spaces would be crucial in setting the stage for meetings and, in some cases, reducing the number of meetings a team needs to hold to achieve alignment. Teams would be better able to plan meetings if they have a dedicated area for asynchronous collaboration with access to all the necessary content and context.

There is a handbook for navigating hybrid work over the past few months in collaboration with numerous customers and teams across Google, and it includes best-practice blueprints for the five most typical types of hybrid meetings. This makes meetings immersive, efficient, and inclusive as they are a crucial part of hybrid work.

Expanding Flexibility and Choice for Meeting Hardware

Meeting hardware is essential for making hybrid meetings feel more immersive and human, with the ability for everyone to be clearly seen and heard. Companion mode keeps people in the room seamlessly connected to their remote coworkers. Also, there is an expanded Google Meet hardware portfolio and interoperability with other conference room solutions to offer more flexibility and choice on this foundation to collaborate in a hybrid work environment.

An addition of new third-party devices to the Google Meet hardware ecosystem makes the hybrid meeting effective. The Logitech Rally Bar Mini and Rally Bar for Google Meet, which offer complete room solutions for small and medium-sized rooms, have been certified by Google. Moreover, the Appcessori Rayz Rally Pro speaker dock for mobile devices launches Google Meet for video meetings and offers better audio quality from your mobile device.

Final Words

It will take a combination of workplace culture, technology, and reimagining the use of physical spaces to close the gaps in the emerging hybrid work world. The tools people use daily to connect, create, and collaborate are where adopting a “hybrid-first” mindset begins, and Google Workspace will continue to be a key component of that evolution.

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