How to use influencer marketing to boost your sales

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How to use influencer marketing to boost your sales 1

Social networks are increasingly present in our daily lives. Therefore, the presence of brands in these media channels is essential to forging a good relationship with their target audience. Today, many consumers say that they trust brands that have a profile on social networks more, and many of them admit that these have a direct influence on their purchasing decisions.


The key to all this is in the influencers, people who talk about the brands on social networks, establishing a collaboration. For this reason, if you have not yet tried marketing strategies with influencers, you are missing out on many sales opportunities.

What impact do influencers have on sales?

Currently, half of the consumers under the age of 35 use advertising blockers, so the advertising actions that were carried out until now to boost sales have ceased to have the same impact as before. In this context, influencer marketing becomes an ideal solution to transmit brand messages more effectively.

Thanks to influencers, our products and services can gain a lot of visibility and considerably improve our conversion rate. But in addition, they help us attract new customers, encourage them to buy, retain them and create a good relationship with them.

With influencers, we can create numerous marketing activities, such as giveaways on social networks to achieve visibility and draw the attention of consumers or provide them with a discount code to share with their communities and encourage their followers to buy.

The influence of a long-term strategy:

Nowadays, there are different types of influencers: nano-influencers, micro-influencers, macro-influencers, and celebrities. The key is to know with which of them it is better to collaborate.

Based on the objectives you want to achieve, you must resort to one or the other. The key is that the strategy is carried out in the long term and not as a one-time action. Keep in mind that influence is something that is worked on over time, so running a campaign randomly and forgetting about it is not a strategy from which you can obtain very good results. You must establish a frequency in your actions if you want to obtain great results.

In this sense, micro-influencers are a very interesting option to work with, since they allow you to maintain that regularity and presence on social networks over time. With less investment, you and your brand can get better results.

And is collaborating with them almost 7 times cheaper than doing it with macro influencers? The fact is that you can do many collaborations with them and the presence of your products in their profiles will make their followers familiar with your brand over time. In this way, you manage to publicize your products from a close and trustworthy for consumers point of view.

How to boost your sales with influencer marketing?

Social media is a great way to promote your business and increase sales. However, not all businesses have the same reach on these platforms. Influencers, as their name suggests, have a great influence on their followers, so they can help effectively promote your brand.

Here we will give you the keys to increasing your sales using influencers and their accounts and channels.

Find relevant influencers:

Before reaching out to an influencer, make sure they are relevant to your business. The influencer must have an audience that is relevant to your brand and is interested in your product or service.

To do this, you can hire an agency that is in charge of carrying out the entire campaign or you can do it yourself. If you choose the latter option, we give you several tips: look for hashtags related to your sector, look for popular posts, look at the followers they have, the channels they appear on, and the reach of their posts.

You can contact influencers directly or you can do it with the help of influencer managers. If you decide to do it personally, you can use Nuwber to verify their identity first. You don’t want to spend your money on a scammer. Get their contact details, write your offer and be ready to negotiate.

Contact the right influencers:

Not all influencers are the same. Some are more relevant than others, so it is important to contact the right ones to get the highest possible reach and conversion. You must be very clear about what we want to achieve and see which of the observed influencers can help you achieve it.

Create an influencer strategy:

It is not enough to contact an influencer and expect them to promote your brand. You have to create an influencer strategy that includes an action plan.

For example, you can ask an influencer to review one of your products. Or you can ask them to include a link to your website on their social networks.

Offer incentives:

Influencers don’t work for free. They have to be compensated for their work to promote your brand. For example, you can offer influencers a commission for every sale they make. Or you can offer them a discount on your products.

Follow influencers:

It is important to follow influencers to stay informed of their activities. This will allow you to identify marketing opportunities and take advantage of them. See how they interact with their audience and discuss what you’d like to improve in terms of the representation of your products.

Evaluate the results:

It is important to evaluate the results of the influencer strategy to determine if it has been effective. This will allow you to improve it and get a better outcome. Keep your focus on your initial goals and see what can be changed for the better.

Final words:

Increasingly, social networks are gaining ground in marketing and one way to give visibility to your brand and increase the sales of your business is through a collaboration with influencers.

We encourage you to carry out influencer marketing strategies since, as we have seen, it is a simple way to generate content, give visibility to your brand as well as increase the sales of your company. Give this idea an opportunity!

With their help, your products not only gain greater visibility but also, these experts have a notorious influence on the final decisions of consumers, reaching new customers, retaining them, and creating good relationships with them.

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