How to use public Wi-Fi securely

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How to use public WiFi securely

When you get to use Wi-Fi connections, you are supposed to be a little cautious. Wi-Fi networks bring you unlimited data but if you are using something like a public WiFi network, then there are reasons for you to be wary. Essentially, the truth is that public Wi-Fi networks will not be as countable as well as secured compared to a private Wi-Fi network. Ideally, you should take some precautions when it comes to using these public networks. 


When you are about to use any Wi-Fi network, you need to be on your safeguard. There are some wireless security measures which you can adhere to. While resorting to those means you can ensure the safety of the device you are using and at the same time, you are going to keep your virtual identity secure as well. 

Here are some suggestions for you to follow: 

Choose to remain cautious 

It is the first thing that you should do with any Wi-Fi network. Your caution is your best pal here as it would recoup you from any kind of untoward situation which might raise its head later on. You should get a good hang of the Wi-Fi network service providers. 

Don’t trust the public Wi-Fi networks with eyes closed 

It is an absolute must for you to ponder over. When you are about to use a public Wi-Fi network, you can not be sure whether it is properly protected from cyber malice or not. You should know that you could land into a perilous as well as unencrypted web portal provided you have not checked the details or specifics of the public Wi-Fi network service provider. You are solicited to refrain from using the services of the public Wi-Fi network if you happen to find something fishy or unnatural about it. By all means, the connection or network has to be legitimate. 

Choose to go for VPN 

When you propose to use the public Wi-Fi networks, you will be advised to go for VPN mode. Rest assured if you choose to go for VPN modes, you stand a chance to stay safe from the malicious assaults of the virtual world. By connecting to these VPN modes, you can use the leverage of a trusted security zone around you. It is the best way for you because you can veil your identity from the spying gazes of the public Wi-Fi network service provider. You can safeguard the operating system of the device you are using. 


Reporting to proper and prompt verification is what is a must-do act for you. It is of utmost importance in connection with Wi-Fi security aspects. You will need to check the network icons very minutely. Essentially, the network icons remain visible in the notification segment. Along with the proper identity of the network service providers, you should also try to gauge the strength of the signal that you are getting. These are all vital steps which will prevent you from cyber related crime. 

What you must not do

Just like the Do’s, you need to know what you must not do. If you are using a smart device or a laptop, you should keep a sharp vigil on it. Unattended devices would attract the attention of anyone who could be there in that place. The next thing is very important. You must not share your sensitive data using the public network. The public network could be fatal as it could lead the data to unwanted exposure to unknown and unidentified entities. Getting involved in some online shopping using the public Wi-Fi network service could be lethal as well. 

The finding 

We will really expect that you are going to clasp to the tips which we shared over here. These are best for your own personal safety from any sort of malicious attempts which could pop up from the public Wi-Fi network service. So, when you use such a service, choose to be as cautious as possible. The safety of your device as well as vital data should be your prime concern rather than focusing on the use of some free Wi-Fi. Hope you enjoyed the discussion. Please let us know what your thoughts are. Stay blessed. 

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