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How to Use Safe Mode to Fix Your Windows PC

Safe mode works like a backdoor entry to your computer specially when it is break down or you are not able to get into it normally. Thankfully windows is having this mode otherwise it would have been so difficult get our important data out of the computer when it is not working. So, without any delay let us find out what is safe mode and how you can use it to fix your computer.

What is safe mode:

Safe mode on your computer starts it with minimum number of services and drivers. In this mode no third-party software will be loaded by default your system will even use minimal windows components main purpose behind this is stopping any malware to function or to stop any third-party application to function which is creating an issue.

Under what circumstances safe mode can help you:

  1. When your computer is keep restarting with a message saying that your PC ran into problem and needs to restart.
  2. In the case you are getting blue screen of death on your computer because when you get BSOD on your computer you will not be able to get into it and you will require to take help of safe mode.
  3. When you need to uninstall a software which you cannot remove normally. Some software keeps you showing that you cannot uninstall them as they are currently in use in such cases you can use safe mode and you will be able to uninstall the program.

How to use safe mode to troubleshoot your computer.

As we have discussed earlier in this article safe mode works as life savior in many situations so here is how you can use it as master stroke to fix your computer.

  1. Entering safe mode:

There can be some issues which automatically take you to the safe mode but if you manually want to enter the safe mode then here is how you can do this.

How to Use Safe Mode to Fix Your Windows PC 1

Windows 7 and earlier:

Keep pressing F8 key when your system is booting you will be on Boot options. You will see many options here you need to choose Safe mode.

Windows 8 or 10: click on power options button in start menu then click on restart button pressing shift key at the same time.

How to Use Safe Mode to Fix Your Windows PC 2

  1. Identifying and fixing the problem in safe mode:

Once you have entered safe mode on your computer you can start trouble shooting by investigating the root cause of the problem for this wait for some time start some task and see if you get an error message or your system get restarts.

You may apply following fixes in the safe mode.

  1. Scan for Malware:

First thing you should do after entering the safe mode is to scan for viruses and infections. Your antivirus becomes more powerful in safe mode because malicious programs are not able to run when you are in safe mode.

  1. Uninstall applications:

if you are unable to install any application normally then safe mode is a great way to do this sometimes such applications make your system slow, so it is must to clean your system time to time.

  1. Restore your system:

System restore works perfectly to restore your system to last known good configuration when your system got some serious issues because of recently installed applications or recent changes. If you will run system restore in normal mode, then it may crash, and you can lose unsaved information.

This is how several issues can be fixed using safe mode on your computer and if nothing works you can at least recover your data using safe mode and can move it to the right place.


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