How to Use Twitter Effectively for Your Career?

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Twitter offers you more than just a social experience and serves as more than a go-to news source. It can be an ideal social media platform to help you market your skills and expertise and, at the same time, advance your career. What’s great is that you can find a plethora of businesses on this social media site that you can connect with and make yourself known.

Of course, you may also want to quickly get followers for Twitter account to boost your online presence. However, you also need to implement effective tips into your Twitter marketing strategy for your career, which we’ll discuss in this article. Read below to explore!

1.    Advertise Your Skills

You should utilize the bio section of your profile effectively by introducing yourself and mentioning your skills and experience. This can even serve as SEO for your profile when other professionals try to search for an individual with a certain kind of experience or skill set.

Moreover, you should also start posting tweets related to your industry (or the one you’re interested in working with). You obviously want to market your name as a brand to make you more valuable in the market.

You can talk about your accomplishments in a certain industry or your unique experiences with others on Twitter. Furthermore, don’t forget to engage with other relevant Twitter accounts by replying to their tweets or retweeting them.

You never know when you’ll be discovered by a professional on this platform through this tactic and get your dream opportunities sent to your email or DMs.

2.    Optimize Your Profile

In addition to showing your personality and professionally introducing yourself in the bio, you should also optimize the rest of your profile. Use a professional-looking picture for your profile photo, and the banner should contain a photo that best describes your personality or interests. All this will give a great first impression to your prospective recruiters.

You should open your DM settings to anyone to make it easier for potential employers to reach out to you in a cinch on your Twitter account, even if they don’t follow you. Furthermore, don’t forget to add a link to your website or LinkedIn account, so professionals can get to know you better regarding your professional experience and qualifications.

3.    Leverage the Power of Pictures/Images

Would a tweet with no image attract your attention or one with a high-quality image? Most probably, the one with the image, right? That’s why tweets with images always tend to perform in terms of engagement and reach than blank tweets.

Therefore, you should use high-quality images to your advantage in the tweets and make yourself more discoverable and reachable on this crowded platform. For example, if you’re a beautician, you can share a before and after picture of your client (of course, after taking their permission) with a relevant caption.

However, you must ensure that the images are high-quality enough to attract the attention of the users. Don’t zoom in from the camera. Instead, get closer to avoid grainy photos. Always take photos in well-lit places.

4.    Don’t Go Overboard With Hashtags

Undoubtedly, hashtags are ideal for reaching your content to a wider, relevant audience. Although you may be tempted to use a plethora of hashtags in your tweets to use them to their full potential, you should know that you may be doing the opposite.

Using only 2 to 3 hashtags in your tweets will be your best bet. It’s more about quality than quantity. Incorporating numerous hashtags in your tweets when they aren’t relevant won’t do any good to you.

Hence, you should research the platform and other like-individuals to evaluate what kinds of hashtags they’re using to make sure they facilitate your tweets to perform their best.

5.    Don’t Keep Promoting Yourself

You may think you’re using Twitter for your career, and if you don’t promote yourself on this platform, then why use it in the first place? There’s nothing wrong with promoting yourself, but posting tweets about yourself 24/7 won’t help you attract an audience or land your dream job.

Self-promotion tweets will make you seem too desperate, and people won’t have any reason to follow you. Therefore, you should keep a fine balance between promoting yourself and posting educational/fun content related to your industry.

When you post informative content on your account, you never know when a professional will get inspired by you. Your tweets should consist of tweets (retweets) from other relevant accounts, and you can also post about yourself once in a while.

6.    Engage With Your Followers

You can implement a variety of tips to use Twitter effectively for your career and pave the way for your career. However, if you’re not interacting or engaging with your followers, you won’t be able to use this social media site to its full potential.

Make sure you follow back the followers that resonate with you. You shouldn’t follow any random person on Twitter as this may not give a professional look to your profile. In addition, you should feel free to start a conversation with your followers by replying to their DMs, retweeting their tweets, and liking/commenting on their tweets, but you should stay from controversial topics.

7.    Use Twitter to Prepare for the Interview

One of the best ways to use Twitter effectively for your career is to prepare for your upcoming job interview and exceed your hiring manager’s expectations. Before hopping on an interview, you must research the company, such as its recent developments, trends, or successes, by scrolling through its tweets.

In addition, you should check out their profile bio and know what they focus on the most such as is it excellent customer service or value for money. So, when the interviewer asks you questions, you are well-rehearsed about the company.

It’s always better to search for the hiring manager’s Twitter profile and look at their interests and get to know the company better by reading through their tweets. However, you shouldn’t send them a follow request just before the interview, as this may seem inappropriate.   

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