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HP Builds The Machine, a device made for the era of big data

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Hewlett Packard, globally familiar as HP, has brought forth what it calls The Machine, a computer designed exclusively to tackle big data problems. Surely the largest single memory computer the world has seen, the project is supposed to radically alter the very idea of networked society and data-driven world. In an address, HP put forth a similar sentiment when they said that they want to partake in unraveling the new world behind the data mountain in a unique way. The effort is only a reflection of that promise.

The potential of the prototype

The prototype that has come out currently has the storage capacity of 160 TB worth memory, something that will delight big data enthusiasts. Memory-driven computing has received a new boost as HP promise to scale limitless memory, something around 4096 yottabytes. Quite an unthinkable scale to say the least, HP says that this computer may pave the future where every single data available on planet can be worked upon and decisions, forecasts and changes can be brought upon. Surely, that is the way forward as every company is running after data.HP Builds The Machine, a device made for the era of big data

A futuristic design

This brilliant new device has 160 TB distributed across 40 nodes and the network maintains a protocol for high-performance. Linux is at the heart of its operation, and the chip is optimized for ARMV8-A workload. For superfast operation, photonics and links for optical communication are in abundance with all the latest modules. The Cavium chip is perfect for memory-based computing and the collaboration is going to bear fruit in the future. Surely, the next generation’s big data problems will be handled by this powerhouse called The Machine. Everyone is waiting for its release as it seems.

What the machine can do?

The Machine, as HP fondly calls it, integrates memory and processors through flexible scheme of interconnection offer greater computational ability than ever before. Since in big data, the data as well as software is big, doing things like deep learning and big data seamlessly needs such a device. It has finally addressed something that many companies were yet to address and surely, new algorithms, new scale of data and new possibilities will be unlocked by this. While HP has not tried to assess the market viability of this powerful device, surely, there will be a demand since by the time it comes out, big data will also have travelled quite a few miles.

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