HP takes care of over-shoulder snooping in its laptops

Over the years, HP has been able to establish itself as a brand which provides its customers with latest technologies at very affordable prices. Out of all HP products, its laptops are the most loved and trusted by many as their first laptop choices. Adding another feather to its cap, the tech company has come out with two new laptops with an optional privacy mode, which obscures the screen till one views it face-on.

The technology making obscuring of the screen possible is called Sure View, which darkens the picture being displayed by “up to 95 percent” when being observed from wide angles. According to HP, the technology will ensure security-conscious enterprise customers complete privacy when they’re using their laptops in public places.

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While there are a number of peripherals companies already manufacturing attachable glue-on screen filters that are able to provide the same effect, HP claims that its technology, Sure View, is the world’s first “integrated” privacy screen ever made.

The feature will be made available with two new 14-inch laptops. A user will just have to press the F2 key on the keypad in order to enable the new privacy mode. According to the company, a user will be able to reduce the visible light up to a good 95% when viewed at an angle.

HP believes that the new feature was a need of the hour since visual hacking has become an immensely popular form of hacking nowadays. In visual hacking, hackers infiltrate people’s accounts by spying on them using their own devices like laptops and smartphones.

A number of technology experts are not so impressed with HP for its new addition, as according to them, angles screen view protectors are nothing new and have been around for 30 years now.

Let’s see if people embrace the new feature and HP again ends up getting a pat on its back from its customers.

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