HPCL, Zupple Labs Collaborate to Revolutionize Purchase Orders with Blockchain

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
HPCL, Zupple Labs Collaborate to Revolutionize Purchase Orders with Blockchain

Renowned oil giant HPCL has adopted LegitDoc, a cutting-edge blockchain technology developed by Neil Martis, its founder. This move highlights LegitDoc’s ability to secure billions of dollars in purchase orders and highlights the trust businesses and governments place in the platform. Neil Martis expressed his excitement, emphasizing LegitDoc’s role as a guardian of critical documents and a facilitator of trust.


The collaboration with HPCL is an important moment for LegitDoc, showcasing its efficacy in document security for both private and government sectors. Notably, this follows a growing trend in government adoption of blockchain, as seen in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, where LegitDoc streamlined the issuance of 65,000 tribal caste certificates in 2022.

LegitDoc’s versatile application further extends to the healthcare sector, as it played an important role in issuing COVID-19 vaccine certificates in the state of Maharashtra in 2021. The technology not only facilitated the secure distribution of vaccination certificates but also contributed to the state’s efforts in combating the pandemic.

The Maharashtra government’s reliance on LegitDoc didn’t stop there. In 2022, the state harnessed the platform’s capabilities to issue over 100,000 degree certificates, further establishing the technology as a go-to solution for secure and efficient document management.

As more prominent entities like HPCL continue to endorse blockchain technology for document security and management, LegitDoc’s role in safeguarding vital records and fostering transparency becomes increasingly evident. This trailblazing technology is undoubtedly making its mark in transforming the way essential documents are handled, setting new standards for document security in both the public and private sectors.

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