HQ NextPCB announces its platinum sponsorship in support of the open-source project KiCad.

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HQ NextPCB announces its platinum sponsorship in support of the open-source project KiCad. 1

As a subsidiary of Huaqiu Electronics, a leading manufacturer with a reputable track record spanning over 15 years in providing reliable multi-layer PCB fabrication and assembly services, HQ NextPCB is dedicated to nurturing collaborative relationships with KiCad. This commitment includes the provision of cutting-edge software tools to enhance the capabilities of KiCad users.

Recognized as the premier choice among hobbyists, educators, and professionals in the field, the KiCad project epitomizes the unparalleled possibilities that open-source development can offer in the realm of electronics design. Striving to create a cross-platform electronics design application suited to novices and experienced designers alike, KiCad’s global influence stands as a testament to its success.

NextPCB, esteemed as one of China’s largest PCB manufacturers, boasts three major factories dedicated to prototyping, mass production, and PCB assembly. With 15 years of engineering expertise under its belt, NextPCB has fostered strong connections within local electronics design communities.


Firmly committed to democratizing electronics manufacturing by ensuring accessibility and affordability for all, NextPCB integrates its manufacturing proficiency and software prowess with tools such as KiCad. This harmonious collaboration effectively bridges the gap between design and the tangible realization of electronic products.

Suibai Chen, CEO of HQ NextPCB, articulates the shared vision, stating, “KiCad represents an exceptional manifestation of the power of open-source development. Embracing our mutual values, we aspire to simplify the realms of electronics design and manufacturing for all through our support and utilization of open-source software.”

In a further effort to bolster the foundation, NextPCB extends a special offer to readers, allowing them to contribute to the KiCad project whilst placing a PCBA order. By using the coupon code KNEXTPCB for PCBA orders exceeding $50, customers can avail a $30USD discount, with NextPCB graciously donating $20USD towards the KiCad project. Take advantage of this opportunity and place your order now at HQ NextPCB.com.

About NextPCB:

NextPCB operates as HQ NextPCB and HQ Online, serving as trading brands for Shenzhen Huaqiu (HQ) Electronics Co. Ltd., a trusted manufacturer and assembly house specializing in multi-layer PCBs. Their extensive capabilities encompass boards of up to 32 layers, blind and buried vias up to HDI 3, custom stack-ups, full turnkey assembly, and more. Complemented by a smart quotation platform and personalized one-to-one support, NextPCB’s establishment in 2009 has seen them consistently prioritize fast, reliable, and cost-effective electronics manufacturing. Their ground-breaking software, HQDFM, empowers designers by analyzing PCB Gerber files and identifying design issues. Selected by over 300,000 users globally, embrace the potential of NextPCB for your next design at HQ NextPCB.com and witness the unprecedented acceleration of your workflow.

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