Huawei launches world’s first AI cloud database product

Huawei launches world's first AI cloud database product 1

With respect to the growing international scrutiny over its equipment business of the telecom, Huawei which is a Chinese firm has now launched an Artificial Intelligence backed database management product for the large enterprises. Called by the name as a gaussDB, the product works on the premises and cloud both and marks the entry of the firm in the field of the database, pitting the Shenzhen based Huawei against the AWS, Oracle, Microsft, and IBM. A database is an organized collection of electronically stored data.

Washington also believes that the equipment made by the Huawei, which is also the world largest smartphone maker, could be used by the Chinese state to spy. It is also trying to persuade its allies that the Huawei poses national security risks. Huawei has also repeatedly denied all the allegations.

According to the Huawei, GaussDB has enabled the embedding for the Artificial Intelligence capabilities into the full lifecycle of the distributed databases, which even makes them self turning and self-healing, similar to the claims made by the Oracle for its autonomous database.

Huawei has also claimed that its platform performance was of 50% better than any other competitors, and could even redefine the data infrastructure, apart from being able to work on the computing architecture of the architecture.

The company also revealed the distributed storage platform FusionStorage 8.0 which will also come with support for the critical enterprise applications, it added that the platform will be going to raise the standards for the scale, performance, and manageability of the storage systems.


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