Huddle Invites B2B Startups in Mumbai for Mentorship and Incubation Labs

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Huddle Invites B2B Startups in Mumbai for Mentorship and Incubation Labs 1

Huddle is mentioned to be one of the India’s leading sector-agnostic incubator consisting of mentors in the form of experts, investors, leading entrepreneurs and CEO’s and CXO’s of large scale corporations in the industry. Huddle is now to take the lead on the agnostic incubators based out of Gurugram with a rich mentor and network beholding the nation. It has also collaborated with The Mosaic Coworking space in Mumbai, where it started with the invitation of B2B startups from now, to apply for a 6-month structured incubation program. Here, they provide with the dedicated mentor and free space in the renowned Mosaic coworking lab, along with opportunities to raise investment through the course of the program for the startups.


The specific opportunity is only restricted for the Mumbai-based startups that have a minimum viable product (MVP) in order and are concentrated only with B2B products or solutions.The applications for the program are now open until February 8th, 2019 where the interested, building to lead startups can have themselves addressed. Startups would be shortlisted by the mentor and internal team at Huddle, to start to function the incubation from February 15th, 2019. Huddle will also be providing with the dedicated mentor ship to B2B startups from leading entrepreneur, startup mentors and CXOs of large organizations. Startups solving for the B2B segment and based in Mumbai can apply for this program until February, 8th, 2019. Those shortlisted startups would be able to avail all the benefits of the space, service and support of Huddle, immediately functioning from February 15th, 2019.

Leaders who belong to different industries by helping the startups with one-on-one mentorship, Huddle includes such relevant and brilliant mentors, that ignite the development of the firm and expansion. The portfolio performed of the startups that have worked with going through the ideas, performances and growth step, implemented by Huddle is a strong variety situated pan India that is shouldered by a team of 30 mentors as reportedly numbered. Some of such efficient, leading mentors from the Huddle mentor network includes BhaskarPramanik (Former Chairman – Microsoft India), Ashok Ganapathy (Former CEO – Airtel Business) and Ravindra Pisharody (Former Executive Director – TATA Motors) as part of the 30 Huddle mentors from a part of various startup growth stories.

To influence more about the program, Sanil Sachar, Co-founder and Partner, Huddle, marked, “As an incubator, it is our responsibility to guide the budding entrepreneurs. Our goal is to work with promising startup founders and provide the push required for their success. This program is focusing in a city where there is a large talent pool in a sector we are involved in and want to further support the ecosystem.” Also, Ishan Khosla, Co-founder and Partner, Huddle, exclaimed, “We look forward to working with more emerging companies in the thriving Indian startup market, and are dedicated to continuing to build an ecosystem of co-development and co-innovation, through our existing portfolio and partners.”

The portfolio startups had the access to business development, strategic alliances, networking and scale-up opportunities following through this incubation. Huddle believes to work nearly with their startups for raising the investments during the needful period, followed by their internal community of mentors and investors, or through their partner investment organisations. Huddle’s agenda includes to work closely with every startup unless the time comes for the startup to reach a predictability and steady growth and developed process for sustaining and getting ready to rank up.

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