Hulu launches user profiles on mobile

Hulu, the popular televisual service on the internet, has turned its attention towards mobile devices as they realize the increasing nature of mobile communication and the importance to ensure that they attract a growing customer base on mobile devices.

Mobile is of course more personal, intimate and hence, a better way to connect with users when it comes to watching something. They are not only using the new platform to attract users, but will provide special facility for the users who will be using mobile devices.

What Hulu will offer?

Among the many things that a binge watcher needs, it is the watch list that comes first. A binge watcher will look around the web in search of unusual TV series and then list them accordingly in terms of preference. Hulu now allows mobile users to create a watch list from the available TV shows on Hulu and then create a detailed history of viewing so that if you have to pause for some time, you know where to pick up.

Adding additional support

Hulu is also giving out suggestions to users based on their viewing choices so that you know what you are watching and who else are watching them too. This helps to create a network of viewers around the web. Also, if there is a mobile device shared by the family, then Hulu allows you to exert parental control over the content so that your child does not get exposed to mature TV shows by accident. Moreover, you can simply use content control to ensure no adult information is displayed.

Better management of content

Hulu is not only increasing its array of shows and films, but also making sure they are watched by the right audience so that it gets a maximum reach. This is precisely the way to become a successful TV channel on the internet that will respond and organize according to the user demands. Hence, identifying the user and its choices has been one of the primary features of this update.

Bettering the live TV format

Hulu is not going to be limited to shows and movies, but also live streams of things and hence, it is using various technologies to expand and improve the live TV feature. It allows a better management of displaying current news depending on the scenario and the kind of viewer demand that exists. Surely, this is one of the most important features of the update.

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