Hunch Mobility Readies for Urban Air Mobility Takeoff

As India addresses city congestion, startups are introducing air taxis and electric vertical aircraft (EVA) technology.

By Sunil Sonkar 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
Hunch Mobility Readies for Urban Air Mobility Takeoff

As India deals with crowded cities and long travel times, there is a new way to get around and it is called the urban air mobility (UAM). This smart idea uses the sky to help ease traffic and make easier for people to travel.

Recent data suggests that Indians spend an average of 1.5 hours more on daily commutes compared to other Asian cities, costing the nation billions annually. In response, startups like Bumble Bee Flights Pvt. Ltd and BLADE India are gearing up to revolutionize transportation through air taxis and electric vertical aircrafts (EVAs).

Bumble Bee Flights, based in Bengaluru, has secured substantial investment to develop air taxis capable of carrying passengers, serving as air ambulances, and facilitating logistics. Their new design offers fast and environmentally friendly travel. They want to make air taxis powered by solar energy that can land almost anywhere.


Meanwhile, BLADE India, a joint venture between Hunch Ventures and BLADE Urban Air Mobility, has already initiated helicopter services in Maharashtra and Karnataka, with ambitions to transition to EVAs. They are doing something new by offering private charter flights and letting people pay for just one seat. This makes helicopter travel easier for everyone.

Urban air mobility (UAM) is not just about making travel easier. It could also help reduce pollution. Experts think the demand for UAM will grow a lot, which means there could be great chances for investors and others involved.

But making the most of UAM in India needs teamwork from both companies as well as the government. We need better roads, rules and investments in new aircraft technology to make UAM work well.

Despite challenges, optimism abounds for the future of urban air mobility in India.

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