Hybrid Cloud Computing and Data Storage: Key Hybrid Cloud Trends

Hybrid Cloud Computing and Data Storage

We have seen unprecedented changes in the last ten years to the IT infrastructure as the companies gauge up their data consumption to enormous levels. Today’s big IT companies need much more speed, bandwidth and power to run their business successfully and smoothly. This is only possible through heightening the underlying infrastructure.

It is being imagined that IT infrastructure is developing at such a speed that industry practices in 2020 will be totally unrecognizable from what they were a decade ago. Today infrastructure has become more potent, quicker and a lot more secure and this is only the tip of the iceberg of what is going to change.

This article will mainly focus on the hybrid cloud trends of 2018.

Trend 1: Transformation in customer experiences and targeted business mechanism with the growth of Internet of Things

Businesses are still speculating about the real potential of IoT. But, IoT will only be influential enough if businesses actually leverage the power of modern analytics systems. The combination of data collected through the networked devices, the network itself and proper analysis of those collected big data can only provide the real insight for the businesses to use the power of IoT to the maximum.

Companies who are thinking and acting in this direction have already started to rip the benefit of IoT. This trend is going to continue and gather momentum in 2018.

Trend 2: The pervasive issue of hybrid cloud containment

The public cloud, due to its expensive nature has largely failed to fulfill the expectations. The cost is proving more expensive than imagined by most organizations and the trend of escalation is going to continue in 2018 as well. The organization cannot reduce their staffs because a special skill set is required to run public cloud environment than traditional on-premise operations. We will also see an increase in private cloud network by businesses.

Trend 3: The understanding of platform economy will increase

The digital marketplace is changing the way businesses have been operated traditionally. The businesses will learn the total implications of running a business based on platform economy and its impact on their operational structure. They will need to make fundamental changes if they want to be successful.

The important thing about platform economy is that the risk shifts from the consumer to the provider. Businesses that will operate on platforms will require making significant investments up front to build their own platform before they could expect to receive revenue.

Trend 4: The hybrid cloud solutions will be verticalised

2018 will see more vertical cloud solutions in the market. Smaller cloud providing companies will look for ways to create their own niche to differentiate themselves from the bigger companies. They will start investing in industry-specific needs to build their credibility for the targeted business.

These solutions will try to offer everything at one go, these will include infrastructure layers and platform tools that the specific customer development teams could use to create new services without the fear of breach of compliance.

Trend 5: The cloud management solutions will be on the rise

As more and more businesses will use multi-cloud architectures from both public and private and from various different providers, the cloud management operation will grow more complex. The organizations will find it difficult to spread workload within their teams and environment. This will result in increasing demand for hybrid cloud management solutions which will provide the specific set of tools to maintain day to day operations. The organizations will look to adopt specific workload-centric management solutions that can run across multiple platforms. This solution will include hybrid cloud management tools for IaaS – PaaS and SaaS.

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