Hyderabad’s AI Days 2024 Promises to Push the Boundaries of ML and AI

Hyderabad gears up for AI Days 2024, India's premier AI conference on March 30-31, organized by Swecha at JNTU Hyderabad.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Hyderabad's AI Days 2024 Promises to Push the Boundaries of ML and AI

Hyderabad is gearing up for India’s biggest conference on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is titled AI Days 2024 and scheduled to be held on March 30th and 31st. It is expected that more than 2,000 IT professionals, researchers, startups and students will converge at the JNTU Hyderabad. The event is being organized by Swecha and partners under the theme ‘AI4Society’.


More than seventy speakers from global tech giants like Google, Facebook (Meta) and Microsoft are learned to be taking the stage and AI Days aims to propel the city as the AI Capital. The conference will explore AI’s applications in various sectors including healthcare, agriculture, finance and education. Discussions on governance and policy will be the prime attraction.

Several exciting projects will be unveiled during the event and these includes a Telugu AI Voice Assistant to empower farmers and healthcare workers, and a distributed supercomputer harnessing spare computing power across Telangana for AI/ML applications at minimal cost.

Chaitanya from Ozonetel highlights the transformative potential of AI. Kiran Chandra from Swecha emphasizes on the role of AI in societal evolution. The conference boasts esteemed speakers like Padma Bhushan Dr. VS Ramachandran and experts from Google and Tech Mahindra.

Hyderabad aims to lead the AI revolution, leveraging the diverse ecosystem of the advanced technology. The conference promises to be a milestone in democratizing AI as well as fostering innovation across domains.

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