Hyderabad’s Hyperleap AI Unveils Generative AI Platform After $225K Pre-Seed Round

By Sunil Sonkar
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Hyderabad's Hyperleap AI Unveils Generative AI Platform After $225K Pre-Seed Round

Hyderabad-based startup Hyperleap AI has come up with an advanced Generative AI platform that is specifically designed for businesses. Prior to the release, it successfully secured a capital of $225,000 in pre-seed funding round. The new investment was secured from several angel investors including Anil Kommineni, who is a Senior Vice President at Zenoti. The fund will help it in developing its new platform further.


The Hyperleap AI has a small and dedicated team. It operates from T-Hub’s new machine learning and AI technology hub (MATH) in Hyderabad. It is mainly focused on delivering high-quality AI services by using its own AI capabilities for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

The platform will be released in May 2024. It is believed to be a game-changer in the industry. It is the first comprehensive Generative AI product for business integration. It promises streamlining operations for companies.

The startup scene for Generative AI is on development at a faster pace globally. Data intelligence platform TheKredible reveals over half a dozen early-stage Generative AI companies have secured nearly $100 million in funding in recent six months. Sarvam AI has secured $41 million in Series A funding. Ema and Neysa have secured $25 million and $20 million respectively.

Hyperleap AI is learned to be setting a new standard for AI integration in businesses. The tools and solutions offered may transform how companies operate. As of now, the startup is positioned in favorable position in making a significant impact in the AI segment. It may revolutionize the Generative AI in the industry.

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