Hyper Localisation and Hyper Personalisation will drive customer engagement – Airtel’s Business Insights Report

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Hyper Localisation and Hyper Personalisation will drive customer engagement - Airtel’s Business Insights Report 1

Airtel Business, the B2B unit of Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), today released its first Business Insights report under the aegis of its Customer Advisory Board, which has representation from India’s top companies from across industries.


Titled Customer Engagement Redefined. Anytime. Anywherethe report calls out the need for reimagining customer journeys in an increasingly digitally connected world with multiple personal devices and channels. This requires businesses to create omni-channel engagement platforms that can deliver highly personalised and hyper-localised, contextual experiences to customers.  

The report has identified 5 Pillars for redefining Customer Engagement journeys:

Intelligent Interactions: Customers today expect a connected experience and consistent interactions across brand touch points. Therefore, automated engagements such as digital onboarding and intuitive customer satisfaction surveys, contextual chat-bot based conversations, that operate with one view of the customer are becoming increasingly important.

Hyper Personalisation: With the emergence of big data, it has become easier to create hyper personalised customer experience. Businesses can identify exact needs of customers with the help behavioral data and interpret individual characteristics with the help of emerging technologies. This has resulted in a paradigm shift from a product-centric marketing to a more personalized customer-focused marketing.

Connected Across Channels:  Seamless connectivity for customers can be achieved through omnichannel engagement that leverages a multi-channel sales approach to provide customers with an integrated shopping experience. The customer could be shopping online from a mobile app, a web storefront, or even offline in a brick-and-mortar store and yet the experience must be consistent. This means ensuring customers receive the same engagement experience and message across all channels and touchpoints.

Customer’s Choice of Time: Reaching customers at the most appropriate time is challenging, especially for companies dealing with various customer segments across different geographical locations. Knowing when customers are ready and willing to pay attention increases the chance of captivating them, guiding them through the customer journey and motivating them to choose the brand when the right moment arrives.

Robust and Secure Connectivity: Businesses can enhance their customer experience and differentiate themselves from their competitors by incorporating “Digital Trust” into their customer engagement model and platform. They can do so by Reliability and availability of digital services, data transparency and digital security, Privacy and Security safeguards.

Read the full report on https://www.airtelbusinessinsights.com/.  

Ajay Chitkara, Director and CEO, Airtel Business said: “Today, customers are looking for online-first and omni-channel experiences. This requires brands to accelerate their digital transformation journeys and reimagine customer engagement. We are delighted to share deep insights in this area from some of India’s best minds who are now part of our Customer Advisory Board. At Airtel, we are already leveraging these insights to build solutions like Airtel IQ – a cloud communications platform that enables brands to deepen engagement with customers through timely and secure communication.”

Airtel Business launched its Customer Advisory Board with the objective of making its customers equal stakeholders in its product development journey. The Board will have representation from Airtel’s top enterprise customers cutting across a diverse set of industries/sectors.

The Board meets at regular intervals to deliberate and offer counsel on customer issues and emerging technology trends to help Airtel Business align its innovation roadmap to the strategic requirements of its customers and create the right solutions for the market. The forum will also provide Airtel’s key enterprise customers an early view of the advanced capabilities that the company is building.

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