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Hyundai Kia unveil solar roof charging tech for cars

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Kia and Hyundai have revealed some of the plans to install the “solar roof” charging on a number of the Hyundai Motor Group vehicles.

In a blog post yesterday, the Hyundai Motor Group said that the electricity is generating lots of solar panels which would be “incorporated” onto either the roof or hood of the vehicles.

The plan is going to be panels to supplement hybrid, the internal combustion engine and the battery electric vehicles with the extra electrical power. This will, Hyundai also said that it would also help to increase both the fuel efficiency and range and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.

For the same, the three kinds of the solar roof charging systems are being developed.

The first generation system, which is still set to be launched by the end of 2019, is also being developed for the hybrid vehicles. The second generation system is for the purpose of the internal combustion engine vehicles and will also be going to feature a semi-transparent solar roof.

Hyundai said that the third generation system was also going to undergo the testing. The idea is for it to be added to the hood and roof of the battery electric vehicles.

“In the future, we expect to see many different types of electricity-generating technologies integrated into our vehicles,” Jeong-Gil Park, the Hyundai Motor Group’s executive vice president of its Engineering and Design Division, said in a statement Wednesday.

“The solar roof is the first of these technologies, and will mean that automobiles no longer passively consume energy, but will begin to produce it actively,” Park added.

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