IBM is creating perfume using artificial intelligence

Symrise, which is one of the largest and world-leading manufacturers of the flavorings and fragrances, is now going to create some of the creative paths. In collaboration with the IBM Research, the company as of now is currently developing a method of using the process of AI to create the perfumes which are based on the models of digital trends.

The project is called by the name as ‘Philyra’ which uses the Artificial Intelligence developed by the IBM team for the product design technology. Its first project comes with the creation of two fragrances for the user’s O Boticario. Both the fragrances will be going to become in the market by the starting of 2019.

“The art and science of designing a winning perfume have been something we at Symrise have been doing for more than 200 years. Now our perfumers can work with an AI apprentice by their side, that can analyze thousands of formulas and historical data to identify patterns and predict novel combinations, helping to make them more productive, and accelerate the design process by guiding them toward formulas that have never been seen before,” stated Achim Daub, President of Symrise Scent & Care.

As just like in comparison with the other computer-aided models from the IBM for the different industry branches which also creates fragrances requires highly detailed precision.

Philyra uses a data-driven approach and accesses a gigantic data bank which also consists of fragrance formulas, data about the fragrant families- flowery and fruity oriented as well as with the historical data.

“This effort brings together human expertise with machine intelligence to create novel, fine fragrances. Philyra’s understanding of consumer preferences and knowledge of formulas and ingredients, led to new fragrance combinations, which allowed our perfumers to accelerate the creative design process and focus on perfecting the final products,” said Alexandre Bouza, Marketing Director, O Boticario. “Advances in AI are helping us introduce unique, new fragrances to our customers. We are very excited to be part of this collaboration with Symrise and IBM Research.”

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