IBM Report Reveals Concerns Over Data Privacy in Indian Hybrid Clouds

By Sunil Sonkar
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IBM Report Reveals Concerns Over Data Privacy in Indian Hybrid Clouds

A recent report from IBM has shown that many leaders in India who use a combination of public and private clouds (hybrid clouds) are worried about keeping data private. This concern is high when using Generative AI (GenAI). The report, found that about 64% of Indian companies using hybrid clouds now have clear rules for using GenAI.


The big concern is making sure data stays safe and private when using GenAI. IBM’s report adds businesses need strong measures to keep data secure while still getting the benefits of Generative AI in hybrid clouds.

The report simultaneously reveals that leaders see a big benefit in using GenAI with a hybrid cloud setup. However, there is a challenge to it. A shortage of people skilled in cloud technology is slowing down the use of this advanced technology.

As GenAI gets more popular in India, businesses need a strong hybrid cloud plan to tackle challenges. Investing in the right cloud technologies can help them handle security concerns, follow rules, and achieve their sustainability goals.

Viswanath Ramaswamy, Vice President of Technology at IBM India and South Asia, said 85% of the businesses surveyed are creating new job positions to get people with the right skills for working with cloud technology in the time of Generative AI.

The report also checked the problems Indian businesses have when they try to learn and use cloud technology. It found that 68% of business leaders say a lack of skilled people in cloud technology is a big problem in their efforts to use new digital tools. This number is higher than the global average, which is 58%, and India ranks second only to Japan, where 75% of leaders face this challenge.

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