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IBM Revamps Computer Network Unit around Watson Artificial Intelligence

It is natural that whenever a global giant in technology is moving its positions and creating something new, it sends ripples around the world regarding a possible change in the way technology is perceived and probably, a change in direction too. Such is the case with IBM as they are restructuring Global Technology Services division based on the recent surge of artificial intelligence or AI. Customers will use AI more and more to run their networks and disruptions will be reduced to a minimum when this technology is completely adapted.

Situations such as server outages or malfunctions regarding switching processes can now be avoided easily as predictive mechanisms detect the scenario and offer corrective actions such as providing additional cloud as server or rerouting the traffic immediately. Surely, IBM is no strange to innovation and they will not sit idly as the data revolution goes on.

Maintaining its position

The competition has been immense in the IT market and IBM has introduced its own platform called Watson to catch the cognitive computing market. This feature, powered by Watson, may help the platform gain some inches in the network infrastructure market as IBM understands that relying on older products such as OS or computer will not be enough and it has to invest heavily on products such as cloud and AI which are gaining leagues in the market.

There are quite a few competitors out there such as Microsoft, Cisco as well as Google who are taking big strides in the world of artificial intelligence and promoting automation heavily across servers and customer bases so that networks become faster. In fact, Microsoft’s recent layoff strategy to reorganize the Salesforce to focus more than ever on cloud and AI is indicative of these shifts.IBM Revamps Computer Network Unit around Watson Artificial Intelligence

Integration is the immediate demand

The growth of AI has been so immense that integrating it across the whole domain of IBM is what seems to be the immediate necessity. Even in sales of traditional things such as hardware, it needs to be integrated before they succumb to a steady decline. In fact, there has been declining trends for the last 5-6 years and the momentum is difficult to stop. The demand for integration is obviously followed by the redundancy of certain jobs and hence, layoffs are becoming eventuality.

The next level of innovation in terms of infrastructure can only come with efficient labours and necessary knowledge, which translates to fresh minds and new workforce altogether. Hence, being an analyst and working with the dashboard is not enough since that is being taken care of by AI. What you need to do is to choose the corrective measures from a pool of measures so that the network becomes faster, smoother and more efficient.

Permanent job cuts

The job cuts are not simply by the logic of efficiency but also redundancy. Since AI can process natural language, any help desk query can be taken care of by AI and that makes the whole pool of IT support unnecessary. In fact, since AI can do it faster and in a more efficient manner, they will be out of the job in no time.  Watson, powered by 10 million incidents of the past, can surely handle the increasing volume of situations.

Currently, each month, Watson processes 800,000 incidents on an average basis. In fact, post-Watson, the reduction of these situations has been significant. Thus, a more automated, integrated and ecological environment can be generated if IBM continues this process. With positive reports from all quarters with less issues and significantly shorter resolution time, IBM is surging upwards with the force of AI.

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